08 Jun

[I have left Blogger and Rollan’s Censored Issues Blog and am starting again with a new site. Cannibalism is hardly the most pleasant place to begin but unfortunately it’s topical and the site does reckon to deal in often alternative themes and opinions].


It all happened very suddenly within a week or so. In Florida on the 27th May a man high on drugs began cannibalizing the face of a vagrant. That same week other cases in America and one in Sweden were reported, while in Canada, on the night of the 24th it’s believed, the Canadian Psycho Luka Magnotta murdered, dismembered and cannibalized Chinese student, Jun Lin, in Montreal. Before I look at Magnotta’s character and birth data I shall frame this with the answer I gave to a Yahoo Questions site inquiring what if any astrological signs of the  zombie apocalypse were to be traced. I said that….

I suspect several factors but especially effects of the long anticipated, slowly forming, basically shocking Uranus/Pluto square aspect. It’s near to exact in the heavens already, but perfect on 24th June. And for this aspect shocking Uranus is in Aries. Aries is an aggressive sign and rules the head which has featured in apparently all instances of this cannibalism whether it’s a case of face or brains or lips eaten or a head severed and gone missing – body parts of the tragic Lin have been posted widely across Canada, but the head is missing.

These horrors have all manifested shortly after the stimulation of the 0 degree solar eclipse in Gemini on 20th May, and I have long noted a certain interest in Gemini in torture (extreme example, Marquis de Sade). It’s an intellectual sign and can withdraw from feeling which in this case people would need to do. The whole Gemini-Sagittarius axis is currently much emphasized since following the Gemini eclipse there is the lunar one of June 4th in the opposite sign of Sagittarius, the animals sign. Note that cannibalism is bestial and in at least the Miami case the man was growling like a dog. He may well have been possessed, but there’s also a drugs factor, certainly in his case and probably the others. So note that Neptune, now strong in its natural sign Pisces, is negatively highlighted by aspect to the Gemini eclipse thus pointing to enlarged problems with drugs at this time….

I have looked up the cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer and see my speculations well justified. His natus reveals sun in Gemini (on the same 0 Gemini as the recent eclipse), Mars in Aries and interestingly too his Jupiter and Saturn both in Capricorn, the other sign in conflict with Aries in the current Uranus/Pluto square.Capricorn is where Saturn naturally rules and Capricorn/Saturn is simply the cadaver,the corpse. So that’s the celestial setting, the framework, the potential.


Quite how anyone gets to be as warped as Canadian cannibal and kitten killer Luka Magnotta (born Eric Clinton Newman) is a major enigma. But as shown presently, the skies of his birth (24.7.1982) make considerable sense out of what we can know about him and events and even without the still unknown birth time. An anonymous ex-friend who doesn’t regard Magnotta as a natural born killer (can anyone be that?) has told  Canadian media that Magnotta’s parents rejected him when he was 16 for his bisexuality. As a result he was early involved in drugs and lived on the streets graduating to the role of escort from that of stripper. While working as an escort he was gang raped and this experience probably set him off.

One can regret the parental intolerance, the trauma and messed up life, but how many people from the now too common dysfunctional family and with troubled lives let themselves get quite so sick? Plainly Magnotta does nothing, including pay back of any hurts, by halves.

The paternal name Newman was Anglo but the mother’s maiden name was Yurkin, Anna Yurkin sounds like someone of Russian stock. Her background and some filial identity with her could well be the basis of one of her son’s leading aliases, Vladimir Romanov, and the reason the Net has pix of Magnotta visiting Russia. True or not, one wonders if the choice of the Vladimir name bore connection to Vlad the impaler and vampire myths and Magnotta’s known early obsession with serial killers. The Romanov name chimes with the sense of entitlement, the alleged privilege and dreams of grandeur. If it was as the outcome of modeling and high class prostitution, not fantasy, Magnotta (whose recent rental addresses have been cheap) claims to have been riding in limos, dining in top restaurants, been dressed in the best clothes and generally living like a lord if not a king.

A natural narcissist Mangotta – was this name chosen to suggest magnetic? – considers himself outstandingly beautiful. A woman in Paris who reported she believed Magnotta had escaped there did report he had pretty eyes. But years ago he told a transsexual lover Nina Arsenault he was frightened of her looking into his eyes in case she would see nothing there. There is something “dead” about Magnotta which he evidently realizes. He was treated for mental illness (apparently schizophrenia) in ’05 and has reported hearing screaming voices in his head  – an exorcist would plausibly maintain he was possessed, the wound of alleged gang rape the likely opening to this – and admitted he was “pretty sick”. But treated, and also brought to account for theft and extortion, by ‘07 he appeared to have regained sufficient normalcy to be writing about himself on Blogs while still pursuing an alternative career and lifestyle as escort and porn actor.


A loner who in an interview with Naked News nonetheless calls himself “a people person” and who clearly wants fans and attention – especially having risked sending body parts to political party offices! – Magnotta appears to have a sweetly romantic, sensitive and/or jealous streak. Passengers on the plane beside him from Montreal even said he was crying when not acting nervous. He advertised on the Net for someone who would truly love and (ironically) “not hurt me”. Wanted on suspicion of having murdered, dismembered and cannibalized a Chinese gay lover, the latter seems to have sealed his fate by showing interest in someone else. Jealousy maybe justifies all in Magnotta’s self-declared white supremacist world view.

Most people were sooner or later turned off by Magnotta’s widely reported “creepy” presence beyond the “beauty”, by his odd fantasies about everything from fame to the desire to murder people including family members. A British Sun newspaper reporter has never forgotten the porn actor’s strange, threatening presence, his promise more would be heard from him and that with the taste for blood once established (through animal murder) he would not stop there. Magnotta also boasted to the reporter of his ability not to be caught. He would write on the Net on the theme of how to achieve total disappearance. He seemed to believe he could simply begin another life elsewhere as he was evidently attempting to do when he flew out of Canada on May 26th, and he certainly knew all the tricks for not leaving a trace, except that his features are fairly distinctive. This has meant that short of managing to obtain some cosmetic surgery  – and he did have cosmetic work on his cheeks some years ago – he would not be able to progress too far. This is how and why first in Paris, then in Berlin it wasn’t too long before he was spotted.


The strong O degrees Leo birth sun explains the daring, the doing nothing by half, the drama bolstered by the aliases (70 different Facebook pages alone) like so many stage parts. These included the more official (i.e. legal) name change to Magnotta (presumably adopted because Italian men are considered hot), the need for attention, fans, an audience and even to just live continuously on stage or within the world of film. When Magnotta fled Paris for Berlin it was under the alias Tramell after Catherine Tramell, Sharon Stone’s murderess role in Basic Instinct. Magnotta is well and truly running his very own theatre and/or cinema of cruelty, pleased to video his own crimes (filmed to the music of American Psycho) as ultra-performance. He looks like a type of Leo – he in fact looks like a younger version of currently disgraced Australian MP, Craig Thomson, likewise accused of being an out of control fantasist. One sees the same high cheekbones, broad features and whimsical, slightly superior air. However, such plastic surgery as Magnotta has undergone has been in service of appearing more like his idol James Dean than the likes of Craig Thompson.

Magnotta’s Leo sun is closely squared by Jupiter which can make for risk taking but some luck with it. Any affliction to the sun could suggest father problems and as Jupiter can signify anything foreign and/or religious, it might be the father was seen as alien to his son as opposed to his mother with whom he was probably more identified at some point. The fact that Jupiter is in Scorpio makes for secrecy in either father, son or both, and a measure of luck and opportunity in the realm of sex which for Magnotta would lead to a virtual career in sex.


The role of the Leo actor is different from the modeling, good looks and vanity theme which this has more to do with Magnotta’s 3 planets in Venusian Libra – Saturn, Mars and Pluto, the latter two being in extremely close conjunction, a few minutes of a degree apart and expressively, suggestively conjuncted by asteroid Prey. It’s a strangely heavy combination for within the courtly, Venusian Libra, though it should be noted that a close Mars/Pluto is associated with murderers and murder…in some cases for some people, that is. I have the conjunction myself, though not in Libra, but I don’t feel I qualify for murder though it’s true that given other times and places I could be happy to horsewhip the likes of Magnotta as he deserves! One wonders if murder is not half seen as perversely “beautiful” due to Libra and even also a kind of gruesome love act – there was necrophilia in the picture.

The strong emphasis in Libra is certainly involved with the bisexuality rather than clear cut gayness. Libra is the most bisexual of signs if only because beyond a basic appreciation of itself it doesn’t insist on its way with people but rather adjusts to whoever it is with. I always maintain the basic, necessary building block of bisexuality is an afflicted Neptune and though we don’t know Magnotta’s birth time it may be assumed from a general chart for the day that the moon will be in some measure of affliction with Neptune. This will favour both Magnotta’s episodes with drugs and the bisexuality (given additionally the Libran input). The moon in Virgo can be the loner, the more feminine or effeminate self and the detail freak – there is masses of that in his preparations for everything from Net self-presentation to murder and disappearance. Since the moon is the mother, in relation to Neptune she could be a bit flighty and undependable.


Shocking Uranus in the sign of animals Sagittarius fosters an unusual relation to animals and we know what ugly things that has meant in this exceptional case. The fact Uranus fortunately trines the sun made it easy for Mangotta to perform his sick will on animals and the Sun/Uranus trine is what makes him a bit of a genius in especially the realm of computers ruled by Uranus and which he managed so well until he overdid things – he was even arrested while looking at Net reports on himself!

Overall, Magnotta’s capacity for cannibalism must be associated with his Saturn (any cadavers, dead bodies, graves) but somewhat more is involved than just that factor. In myth it was cannibalistic Saturn devoured his own offspring or rather it was Saturn’s Greek modality, Kronos. There is no planet called Kronos but there is a hypothetical point in the heavens according to the German Uranian system of astrology. Adherents of the system swear by its accuracy. I am sceptical, but I cannot deny the striking fact that Mangotta’s Saturn is fortunately trined to within minutes of one degree to Kronos. This suggests cannibalism is “easy” for him as it would hardly be even to many murderers.

Magnotta has craved frame and he has and will have it. Fascinatingly, asteroid Fama (Fame) is found on a world point (0 Libra) in exact opportunity aspect to his Uranus – bizarre, shocking fame.


We may be reasonably sure Mangotta’s career in crime and torture, which might yet be found to include last January’s still unsolved LA Body Parts murder (the parts were suspiciously found under the Hollywood sign), is now fortunately over. The spirits likely possessing him didn’t warn him against acting under a Saturn return. Saturn across his “murderous” natal Mars/Pluto was a factor both in prompting him to act as he did cannibalistically but also to be caught for it. The eclipse of a few days before the crime had hit exactly opposite his shocking Uranus (possibly in his house of death if we knew the full pattern) getting him hyper-excited; he was noted to be in a high, excited mood in Paris. But the larger picture was that Saturn was ready to slow him down and confine him as Saturn very much does at its Return position in people’s patterns which occurs at age 28 or 29.

It can be speculated that Magnotta was born just after midnight on his given birth day as this would give him aggressive, and if need be ruthless, Aries rising which then puts Mars/Pluto on or near his relationships descendant, a warning that partners could be in danger around him. A birth early in the day would also supply him a 17 degree Virgo moon squared by the lunar eclipse close to the time of his arrest. This moon would then rule his fourth of home and be a reason he does not appear to wish to fight extradition at this time but rather will return home for trial. However all that is speculative and some other birth time might fit even better. The basic pattern for the day is however sufficiently descriptive for basics of his character and destiny. It is however worth adding in support of the speculated birth time (between 12 and 12.10 am) that this would supply a trine of asteroid Lucifer to the destiny/reputation Midheaven, a Lucifer itself in the fated degree of the nodes, a not irrelevant point given that on a TV reality show as a competitor for plastic surgury, Magnotta bizarrely claimed one reason to want the op was to be rid of what he seemed to imagine were two devil’s horn bumps on his forehead. Crazy doubtless and more fantasy yet like subconscious awareness of being spiritually marked. He must have been at least slightly religious in accordance with the mentioned Sun to Jupiter aspect since his one time transsexual lover noted his practice of making the sign of the cross over what he ate.


Magnotta’s crime repels as unspeakably gruesome. How does one judge it and the perpetrator who is now frightened of being attacked in his German jail because, he says, the media have portrayed him as the “really, bad bad person” he isn’t? (The sublime disconnect here gives this subject a touch of black comedy. Probably Magnotta imagines the unfaithful lover merely deserved his fate and he himself is a real sweetie pie. Leo is among other things the sign of the lover and big love affairs).

Magnotta’s is the kind of case that makes repeal of the death sentence controversial. The crime  might never have occurred if the guilty party had not been secure in the knowledge no death penalty exists. Do we treat this apparently articulate, attention seeking but supposedly polite and mild person as having reduced responsibility due to their mental condition and troubled past? This may be hard to answer, but however we judge Magnotta I do think his parents/guardians should be tormented with guilt and visited with something like lasting disgrace as should likewise the parents of Breivik another product of a dysfunctional family of a rather different sort.(My last main article on Blogger concerned the Breivik case, see:

Parents cannot and must not at whim, or even due to their moral/religious views, throw their teenage offspring onto the street, perhaps especially damaging for a Leo who wants to give and needs a lot of love. It’s a pity Magnotta’s parents, the Newmans, can’t be charged and jailed along with their son.[Latest information from a sympathetic aunt is that the parents, teenagers at the time of Eric Newman’s birth, took little responsibility for their offspring and he was largely raised by a bullying, abusive grandmother, Phyllis Yurkin]. And if religion has had anything to do with the criminal outcome of parental/grandparental choices, then Magnotta’s case is the ultimate one against the venom and violence some American pastors like Sean Harris seem at liberty to preach regarding any perceived gay difference in children. Unlike the other cannibal acts reaching media attention at this time Magnotta’s crazed behaviour gives more than usual grounds for serious reflection.


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  1. stella

    June 9, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Very scary all those cannibalistic events lately along with all the financial news re world collapse. I assume that all these mental cases can’t handle all the bad news. It fits right in with Bible prophecy of the endtimes however.


  2. Vera

    June 15, 2012 at 12:44 am

    Wonderful article.Your work is amazing!Congrats!Vera



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