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With the first biography of Gina Rinehart, the world’s richest woman, out today and interviews with family members and former associates on the media, I have looked at the natal data discovering things no biography or interview will quite reveal. It’s graphic and surprising.

Gina Rinehart was born on Feb 9th  1954, reportedly at 9.51 pm at John of God hospital,  Perth, West Australia.[By a slip I incorrectly originally posted the time as 7.51pm but still analysed the pattern correctly for 9.51pm]. This time looks to be correct and her birth data is suitably remarkable, especially if we include, as I shall, the new astrology of names and places through the asteroids. But I shall run through some traditional markers first…..


Uranus in the house of career and reputation. This is a person unique and special in some way, not least through family affairs and perhaps peculiar mothering ( Uranus in Cancer sign of mother and family). The person could possibly be known as an eccentric, especially since this Uranus is strong as “ruler” of Gina’s birth sign, Aquarius.

Sun (in Aquarius) opposite Pluto – a person likely to be controlling but anyway involved in constant power struggles.

Saturn, traditional symbol of the earth and any mining, “rules” the traditional house of the father. Gina is born to mining through paternal inheritance.

Moon is closely opposite Saturn –  loss of mother and/or coldness in mothering. Both apply. Gina’s mother was lost to cancer, she detested her step mother and her treatment of her own children is controversial, even plain eccentric given the mentioned Uranus in Cancer. And there is conflict with children over things Saturnian – mining and inheritances.

Jupiter in Gemini is just inside the 8th of inheritances and shared resources. This is the inherited wealth, but it is not fortunate as Gemini is weak in that sign and it naturally divides things – the inheritance is a matter of division. However, since “benefic” Venus “rules” this inheritance house and it conjuncts Gina’s sun, her core identity and will are going to consider that everything is or should be hers beyond division.

With active, aggressive Mars in what’s called an extreme, anaretic degree, (last degree of a sign, here 29 Scorpio) and in the second house of money there is an insatiability where earning is concerned.

Libra, the sign of law and litigation, rises at birth affecting, persona, style and everyday dealings. Given her funds this could favour being litigious. Usually it favours an attention to appearances that Gina scarcely shows; but not only is she at heart an independent, eccentric Aquarian but wherever Libra refuses taste it seems to express itself at the opposite extreme. It also risks putting on weight. The Gina manner of address is nonetheless Libran- style quiet and restrained, not openly aggressive.

Neptune rises in the first house of self-image. Gina is elusive but she appears soft even though the Saturn behind it in the same house will be particularly tough and tenacious in Scorpio where it denies the typically “exciting” lifestyles of the rich and famous. It also exacerbates any jealous and vengeful feelings such as towards Rose Porteous (who, if possibly asteroid Rosa in the sign of the foreign Sagittarius could represent her, was never an enemy on the scale imagined).


Almost more interesting and revelatory are the asteroids.

Neptune rises in the house of the persona and is same degree conjunct with Ricco (Rich). Gina is seen as rich, fabulously, impossibly dream level rich  – Neptune is any dreams  and fantasies – and of course she is this. This, like certain other signs, would apply no matter what time of day Gina was born.

But presumably the given moment of birth was exact enough. It gives 15.09 of Libra rising. Amazingly, directly opposite at 15.09 of Aries, namely at the entrance of the house of open enemies and litigation, is asteroid Hancock. This forecasts how the house will be divided, the son will take the Hancock name and be opposed to his mother in litigation from the 7th house point of any open enmity and litigations. (There is no John asteroid so effectively this asteroid in this position represents John rather than Lang Hancock though to the extent the latter intended his grandchildren should inherit he is after a fashion represented here too as accusing Gina).

Gina’s view is that her children and everyone needs to work for their money, (even though she herself had a head start which wasn’t exactly owing to labour). In astrology the semi-sextile aspect is deemed financial and asteroid Mony (sic) in the house of work is suitably financially semi-sextile her sun, her core self.

So everyone including herself must work rather than enjoy, and asteroids Australia and Perth, conjunct on the same degree (Gina’s Australia is West Australia!) are stuck in the house of secret enemies almost certainly perceived by her as a threat to everything – as is perhaps most everything and everyone outside her direct control.


Whatever Gina’s precise personal credo, to all practical purposes is it is one pitched against God since asteroid Credo opposes Theotes (Godhead).

This impression of a warning is duplicated by the very strange way in which there is a line up of Lucifer, Bhagwat and the sun at birth. Depending upon the factors concerned, conjunctions represent close harmony or great conflict, Lucifer at 18.51 Aquarius conjuncts Bhagwat at 19.51 which conjuncts the sun at 20.17 Aquarius. Bhagwat (Lord/God)  is the other God asteroid with Theotes. God and devil spiritually strive over what and who Gina is and does as at least potentially a devil woman. And with her inheriting lucky Jupiter in aspect to the hell asteroid, hers looks like an inheritance which creates merry hell, even if it doesn’t come from and lead to hell.

The pattern of Gina’s fate has affinities for the Lukan parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus especially given asteroid Lazarro (Lazarus) directly setting up tension aspect to her Sun/Lucifer/Bhagwat. It’s true she hasn’t left people starving at her gate, but while many in the world sicken and starve, this woman so little known for philanthropy but who is so oddly and tenaciously bitter, has spent countless millions not just in defending and enlarging a fortune but in effect pursuing personal vendettas. The overall pattern would indicate that if the richest woman in the world, who is on the way to becoming to the richest person in the world, doesn’t change a few directions she will be paying up big time… God.

We are presently hearing about the secretive Gina because Pluto is near conjunction with the base of her chart which has to do with her family and origins. It’s also  within this now probed house of origins that the name Adele falls, arguably a promise of how one day an Adele (Ferguson) would be writing the bio. This is also the time of the great Pluto-Uranus square aspect which going back and forth will form and reform to dominate affairs into 2015 and may be expected to bring the affairs of Gina to light whether she wants it or not, perhaps especially later in this cycle when it will affect her ascendant. Then there will be no hiding. She needs to get ready for changes she probably should have made long ago.


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  1. Marcy

    August 31, 2012 at 1:31 am

    For the life of me I can’t figure out how you got a Libra rising for a 7:51pm birth time. I should be 4:34 Virgo. Which fits her & her bossy ways. Moon 8th house & Jupiter conjunct POF 15:49 Gemini – MC 14 Gemini. The house of the father, 4th is SAG, whose ruler is in the 10th (father is mother figure). Ruler of 10th house in 7th of relationships and open enemies. She even looks like a Virgo rising (gone to fat or should that be morbidly obese, by her recent photos, in old age) and doesn’t display the indecisiveness, tactfulness and “let’s all get along” of a Libra rising. Bill Clinton & I are Libra risings. We both get up & exercise to ward off the dumpiness – a Venusian has some pride! Loved your use of the asteroids.


  2. rollanmccleary

    August 31, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    As I recall I simply followed what I found on the Net such as at
    but I believe too that the data used there was derived from her biography which I saw quoted somewhere. Of course, it may be wrong since people know so little about GR she’s so private and said to be difficult to deal with. But frankly I still suspect Libra is right. A weight problem is quite possible and known with that factor and I doubt Virgo rising would be quite so forceful for her views
    which have a touch of vanity about them. Also one does need to have a chart which reflects this woman is almost impossibly and insistently litigious.



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