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September 16th this year is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah (Head of the Year), a moveable feast which  is also (and biblically) called Yom Teruah, the Feast or Day of Trumpets. I have been surprised by something to do with the symbolism of this period which those Jews, and even now some Christians who commemorate this feast, won’t know. That’s what this article touches on.  Indeed unexpectedly it offers further, if only secondary and minor proof, that as per my persistent claims  written up in Testament of the Magi, I do have the correct data for Christ’s birth.

On the (rabbinical/traditional) basis rather than any biblical one, the festival is more than just the onset of the Jewish New Year (Israel has more than one of these, the religious year starts in March). Trumpets is also regarded as the birth of the world and the creation of Adam. Claims could hardly be more ambitious than that, though for the average Jew it is sufficient that Trumpets is the beginning of the Days of Awe leading towards Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, which this year falls on the 26th. As such this is a period of the year that calls to self-examination and repentance culminating on the 26th.

Jews don’t bother much about the birthdays of historic figures. They bother so little about the stars – albeit the Talmudic rabbis do comment on astrology – that it’s really a gentile affair in harmony, we may suppose, with Deuteronomy which regards God as having given the stars to the gentiles (Deut 4:19). Accordingly it’s gentile pagan magi are witness to the skies of Christ’s birth.

Two millennia on from that, try and talk to even a Messianic (i.e. Christian) Jew. You are likely to finish as ignored, dismissed, or even outright snubbed as you would be by the average ungracious American fundamentalist. The attitude is, (I think):  what is some uppity gentile doing, what pagan nonsense or outright “abomination” is he or she peddling when we have the truth already? That’s pretty much the score. It’s the reason on this occasion I wearily decided to write this and avoid replaying old tapes writing to the author of an article on Trumpets that struck me, especially as the writer suggested there is not a shade of anything “pagan” in the festival. While Trumpets is undoubtedly a distinctively Jewish celebration, there are of course a few pagan resonances despite everything, rather as at Easter the eggs are pagan.  However, what’s involved for Trumpets is a bit more significant and worth mentioning than Easter eggs.

As said, I claim to know and prove through numerous instances – if anyone would have the grace and humility to look at them –   exactly what good Jewish and other Christians should know. This concerns when Christ was born,  claims arrived at radically developing expert astronomical and academic theses of the 1970s. (See: )  The following points are only secondary, small but suggestive details within the vast tapestry the findings provide, but they add to the effect in their way.


These details emerge against a Virgo/Libra background. I had long known (for the last quarter century since working on the well supported D’Occhieppo/Hughes thesis about Christ’s birth and ancient magi) that Jesus was born under Virgo, anciently sign of the wheat sheaf and bread. Jesus, self-described as the Bread of Heaven, is born in Bethlehem which means House of Bread. And the September month in which he was born is Elul, time of self-examination and repentance.

The September sign of Virgo is supremely the sign of criticism, self-examination and purification. Trumpets begins on the 1st of the Jewish month of Tishri immediately following on the month of Elul. Tishri overlaps and corresponds to (but not exactly since we’re dealing with moveable feasts timed by the new moon rather than the sun) to the sign of Libra which starts in September and lasts much of October. So during the Days of Awe people deal with the sins they introspected during Elul; they now deal with the relationships (a Libran theme). They ask forgiveness of their associates and of God, and make restitution, again a Libran theme on its legal side. The festival also has resonances with marriage, a Libran theme, there’s Israel’s marriage to God and the talk of not knowing “the day or the hour” of this festival. It’s an “ignorance” we are familiar with in Christian apocalyptic where the not knowing evokes the way the moveable feast of Trumpets, which falls across two days whose onset was traditionally determined by observation of the moon, sets up uncertainties akin to those associated with marriage ceremonies. In these the Father of the bridegroom alone knows or decides when the trumpets blow and the marriage ceremonies begin. “The marriage of the Lamb” is suggested at Jesus’ birth among other things by the way the Jesus asteroid (Ar. Isa) conjuncts Agnes (Latin for Lamb) in Libra sign of marriages. But there’s so much on this subject I won’t digress further.

Though dating back to early times in Israel’s history there is nevertheless something about the Trumpets which is about, or points to, issues of the current, nearly finished era of Pisces-Virgo which was astronomically and astrologically inaugurated around the time Christ was born, in effect the head of the astrological “year”, a year which is also an age or era..

At the festival a special round loaf of bread is eaten (Virgo) and a fish (Pisces) will be consumed that has been prepared with its head  retained.  Also, with the Trumpets once blown, at any rate the orthodox will expect to undergo a Mikveh, a form of baptism. Also, on the first afternoon of the festival there is a custom of Tashlish at which people go to the nearest stretch of water, sea, lake, river, and collect stones to throw into it, these stones representing rejected sins. This is just a venerable tradition and even fun for the children, it is not particularly biblical, indeed one wonders just when it was first inaugurated


What interests me is tie-ins of festival symbolism with the pattern of Christ’s birth, interesting, suggestive factors I can’t explain and don’t quite know how to evaluate.

First I note that the asteroid for Adam, the earth man is at 7.52. i.e, almost 8 degrees of earth sign Virgo. (It is fitting that first and second Adam belong to the same Virgo sign).

Adam is on an axis or opposite the only Trumpet asteroid (Trombka) in the heavens at 8 Pisces.  (Recall the Pisces-Virgo axis corresponds to the Christian era and also Adam is supposedly created at this season long before).

The festival fish is cooked with its head – for the “head” of the year and possibly the creation itself – by custom the fish is served facing the head of the family (but perhaps the family head as symbol or representative of the Creator/ Procreator?).  Whatever, the Trumpet asteroid happens to conjunct Kopff (Ger. Head) and closely so in the sign of the fishes.

But the same Trumpet and Head found together also conjunct Baptistina (traditionally asteroids were named in the feminine form) so this is pointing to Baptist or Baptism which goes on at the time of this festival. Cleansing of sin is through the waters into which the stones are thrown.  (Every astrologer knows, sin and weight and stones are of Saturn, a traditional symbol of sin and the devil).


But what about Adam? I shall first be terribly precise in line with the style of Virgo itself. There is an Eve asteroid and it falls with Jesus’ ancestors in his house of origins, but there is not strictly an Adam asteroid. It is instead  Adams which means Adamson which however is what Jesus is properly called in his family origins house. So I suggest that we are looking as what I call “astrospeak” with more than one level of reference. Biblical Adam and a Jesus/Adam link seem indicated in some fashion and Genesis Adam not only by his earth sign.

Adam is aspected by fortunate trine in one direction by a conjunction of asteroid Spirit and the Part of Soul. “And the Lord God…breathed into his (Adam’s) nostrils the breath of Life (ruach/spirit?) and he became a living being (lit. nephesh/soul)”. (Gen 2:7) And the Lord God did? The reference is to God (Elohim) as Yahweh. Adam is fortunately aspected in the other direction to IAU the trigrammaton of Yahweh. I am perfectly aware that IAU is an asteroid only because it represents today’s International Astronomical Union. But  once again we are into the world of “astrospeak”, the world of strange happenstance, of Jungian style synchronicity.

There’s no record of any trumpets getting blown when Adam first saw the light of Eden, but the birth data of Jesus reflect the ancient suppositions for I don’t know what reason or to what purpose. But it does lend the symbolism of Trumpets an added vividness…. I regret that I can’t record any interesting position of Eden, no such asteroid exists. But I can say there is a connection of Eve and her asteroid with the snake. Stuck in the heaven of asteroids between a snake and a lie I fancy she didn’t have much chance! I don’t think Trumpets has any symbolism for that situation perhaps fortunately, except that the fish with its head is offered to the Paterfamilias rather than the Mother!

However the mysteries surrounding the true data of Christ’s birth are vast and remarkable and that includes the peculiar fact that, as though all time were one, asteroids named in modern times will work for ancient birth patterns ignorant of their existence. But as  Ps 147 maintains, God names the stars, and as Ps 138  also states, every day of our lives are known in advance and written in God’s “book”. Fundamentalists obsessed with the literal plain sense of everything manage to see no relevance to any Jewish and Christian attitudes to fate and astrology in such statements. The Essenes may have sought the messiah in patterns of the skies, but who cares? Just keep shouting louder than any shofar that it’s all “abomination” anyway. The spiritual gift some of us need as a festival like Trumpets, is the patience to suffer quite so much nonsense. Even St Paul admitted not to suffer fools gladly.


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