13 Feb


Like many people and Christians, the retiring Pope Benedict doesn’t believe in astrology, but plainly astrology applies to and believes in him because he has so demonstrably been living out his destiny to its rhythms.

These same patterns may well be able to show us who will be next Pope. They might even be able to show where we stand in history too since, just possibly – but it’s a big claim – if the supposed St Malachy prophecy of the Popes means anything, this next Pope could be the Bishop of Rome under the time of the Antichrist because according to that ancient forecast Ratzinger would need to have been the last of the regular pontiffs.

Before we completely dismiss that strange possibility, let’s note as some news media have pointed out that St Peter’s was struck by lightning just before 6 pm local time in Rome a few hours after the Papal announcement. I will comment on this phenomenon in conclusion.

As regards the clearer, less speculative question of immediate succession, the last lunar eclipse in November hit on 6.47 Gemini in the Vatican’s house of its rulers and destiny. At that time the eclipse was also challengingly directly opposite the Pope’s own career related Saturn at 6.59 of Sagittarius (the organized religion sign) and in the Pope’s house of religious affairs and beliefs too. He had decisions to make over the following months and he made them.  So……when Jupiter, the religion planet, arrived from its 11 degree Gemini position of last November’s eclipse to 6.33 Gemini on 11th February the Pope made his historic resignation announcement.

I have long claimed as written up in my Christianity’s Destiny, to possess the true and working chart for Christianity’s birth at Pentecost in AD 30. (See (a You-Tube)

This reveals asteroid Ratzinger at 24 degrees of surprising and different (and lightning associated) Aquarius conjunct Fini (Fr. Finished) at 25 Aquarius. On the 11th  February the Sun was approaching 23 degrees Aquarius and the world is now absorbing the news and talking about Ratzinger and his uniquely surprising, once in 600 years resignation decision with the Sun on 23 and 24 degrees Aquarius. I correctly stated in Christianity’s Destiny that Ratzinger was bound to mark the notable end of something. He does after all closely aspect the endings point for Christianity at 24 Libra as well as being conjunct Fini.

Where does Catholicism go from here?


The papabiles are  Peter Turkson, Christopher Schonborn, Oscar Maradiaga, Odilo Pedro Scherer, Angelo Scola, Leonardo Sandri, Marc Quellet, and Gianfranco Ravasi.  Scola at time of writing is taken as top favourite.

It is too daunting, and I don’t right now have time to examine data for each of these prelates, so I am only going to mention one, whom even without seriously examining all the others seems a very likely candidate indeed, namely Peter Turkson, and just mention a point or two re the current top favourite, Angelo Scola (a safe candidate in being an Italian).

At the very least it’s understandable why so many would be talking about Turkson at this time even if still stronger charts belong to whoever finally takes the position. All those deemed papabiles will have strong ties of some sort to the Vatican chart (Rome 7.6.1929, 11am)  or they could never even be considered for leadership there.  Scola (7.11.1941) is well set up to the extent his religion planet Jupiter at 20 Gemini conjuncts the Vatican Mercury in its destiny house. (His moon in Gemini if his birth time was known might be relevant). But there are negatives mentioned later.


It is seriously possible the Vatican will choose its first black Pope and for the following reasons.

Peter Turkson, a Libran born 11.10.1948  is Cardinal of Ghana and is President of the Pontifical Council  for Justice and Peace (truly Libran themes for a Libran!)

Turkson’s sun at 17 Libra makes fortunate trine aspect to the Vatican’s Sun at 16 Gemini and its Mercury at 19 Gemini in its house of leadership.

For a position of world power and influence it is helpful to have a planet on a world point (O of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).  Ratzinger has Uranus at 0 Aries, Gianfranco Ravasi, (a papabile rival to Turkson from Libra) has Neptune on  0 Libra , Scola has Venus on 0 Capricorn. Turkson  himself  has surprising,  novelty producing Uranus at 0 degrees Cancer (sign of Africa), a degree which falls in the Vatican’s leadership and destiny house besides.

Turkson has his Venus at 5.06 Virgo almost perfectly on the Vatican’s ascendant at 4.49 degrees and his Saturn (duties and careers) is near conjunction with it from 2 degrees, a 2 degrees which favourably trines the Vatican’s Venus at 2 Taurus, ruler of its destiny Midheaven besides. (Compare this with John Paul 11 with his Saturn at 4 degrees conjunct the Vatican ascendant – as I said no one will be Pope without these kind of major close contacts).

Last November’s Solar Eclipse at 21 Scorpio fell on Turkson’s fated nodal axis at 20 Taurus/Scorpio, and  this April’s lunar eclipse falls at 5 Scorpio – around the time he might be elevated if elected –  falls conjunct his natal Mercury at nearly 5 Scorpio. Mercury is communication. A time for him to start addressing the world?  Even if Turkson doesn’t become Pope, his strong influence in subsequent affairs seems guaranteed. And the turmoil which has begun in the Vatican will now continue.

Right now the Vatican’s own Vatican(a) asteroid at 11 Capricorn (already from its modern foundation in difficulty square to Uranus at 10 Aries in the house of sex and secrets, a promise from the first of ultimate sex scandals) is almost being conjuncted for the first time by Pluto which promises massive turmoil and changes in depth. Astrologers have long known the run of Uranus/Pluto formations in the heavens this decade would trigger great events (they are involved with the Arab Spring and many upheavals, many suddenly, shockingly occurring in the style of Uranus). What is happening now could, during this decade, produce many surprises for the Vatican and possibly its demise as the Malachy forecast envisages.


The year from March 2015 would tend to be difficult for the Vatican. A heavy eclipse that month on one of the worst degrees, the drowning degree of 29 Pisces, hits in affliction to the Vatican’s Saturn in Sagittarius in its house of endings and opposite the asteroid Atropos which is very involved with fated endings. This happens at the same time as Saturn is moving in Sagittarius, sign of organized religion making  for merry hell around affairs of religion.

And if the late Catholic seeress Jeane Dixon got anything right about her envisioned Antichrist figure, that person will undergo four eclipses in 2016 and 2017 along with certain particularly strong transits that would put that person well and truly into power…..if that person exists.

Highly suggestive of something ending is this….2013 is set to be the year of Comet ISON. It’s expected it could shine even in the daylight as brightly as a full moon towards the end of the year. I find its Perihelion variously given as late 6 or early 7 Sagittarius, the religion sign. When it is there it is not only just opposite Fini (Fr. Finished) in the Vatican chart at 7 Gemini but it is conjunct Pluto at 7.20 Sagittarius in the Pentecost chart for Christianity. I have for years been pointing out that the truest symbol for God as Creator and Judge is Pluto. (The outer planets, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, symbolize the Trinity, Christ, Holy Spirit and God the Father respectively).

While this question of endings reaches into the highly speculative, there is right now surely not much question but that the Vatican is at a turning point and whoever becomes next Pope will become that at a crossroads in what can only be a very difficult decade.


I belatedly learn St Peter’s was notably struck by lightning – twice – just before 6 pm local time in Rome on the day of the papal announcement. Was this as sinister as some suppose? Frankly, it might be.

Lightning is always symbolized by Uranus ruler of Aquarius (as said the sign of Ratzinger on the chart of Pentecost/Christianity). Uranus at the time at 6.03 Aries was directly aspecting Jupiter (religion) at 6.33 Gemini……Jupiter was thus almost to the minute on Pentecost/Christianity’s Part of Enemies at 6.32 Gemini. That could be just a fluke but there is more….

If the right time has been given, rising on the horizon at the time would have been 28+ degrees of Leo. In the Vatican’s chart, 28 Leo is the position of Neptune. This rules the house of open enemies from within the Vatican’s 12th house of hidden enemies. So who is the final enemy internally and externally whether of the Vatican or of Christianity more widely?

At the birth of Jeane Dixon’s alleged Antichrist (the word means False Christ and she saw this person coming to take over the Vatican to create a world faith), the ruler of this Aquarian person’s ruling Uranus was at just 29.02 of Leo conjunct the fixed star Regulus favourable to world fame and power. (Amazingly I find asteroid Dixon manages to conjuncts this fatal degree as though helping to certify her forecast). And although I don’t set too much store by the so called traditional Parts some of which are more pertinent and reliable than others, 29 Leo is the Vatican’s Part of Bondage, a Part I have found to be fairly reliable and which could be relevant to ideas of restriction and persecution. …..So this might all just mean something and that the darkness rises.

Time alone will tell. It’s nonetheless worth stressing that despite the little defined reference to the Judge judging his people at the end of the Malachy prophecy, according to the biblical picture the Second Advent, one of whose purposes is to end the rule of the Antichrist, is not followed by any end of the world or Last Judgement. It is followed rather by the Millennial rule of Christ. Any Last Judgement is later. The Advent is the time as per the disciples’ question to Jesus at his departure, that the kingdom is finally fully restored to Israel. Jesus after all, promises his followers to be with them till the end of the aion (age) (the age of Pisces?) rather than “the end of the world”. If the Malachy prophecy implies scenarios of a world ending Last Judgement consequent upon an end to the papacy it would be wrong theologically.

PS. Added 15th Feb…..It occurred to me to see if there could any indication whatsoever for the Malachy prophecy in the Vatican chart. There is no Malachy asteroid but there is one Messenger which is what the Malachy name means. It is in the 8th house of secrets where I suppose it could as well reflect the likes of that notorious Jesuit bearer and discloser of Vatican secrets, Fr Malachi Martin. The notion that St Malachy might have something to say about secrets of Vatican and papal destiny is arguably indicated by the fact that in one direction Messenger/Malachy at just 20 Aries closely and favourably aspects the Vatican Mercury at 19 Gemini in its house of destiny at the same time as it less fortunately directly squares asteroid Abbe at 19 Capricorn. (The square could be the difficulty and unpopularity of the message or its messenger).

I have often wondered what if any asteroid would signify the Pope, but as he is called “Holy Father” by Catholics, it could well be that the Father word Abbe, especially as Abbe is in patriarchal and conservative Capricorn within the Vatican chart, is the proper factor.

As said, there are objections to the authenticity of the Malachy prophecy though perhaps because few like the implications of the forecast as much as for scholarly reasons. I feel the prophecy could be half true – the original version may have contained only the number of the popes and not their mottos that could have been forged later. If it’s right to think the very important if it’s true Malachy prophecy is encoded within the Vatican chart, then I can only say the pattern does not appear to carry the implications of complete forgery and lies such as for example an affliction of Messenger to Mercury or Messenger afflicted by Neptune would warn of.Vatican Chart


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  1. TruthSeeker

    February 14, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    It really makes your blood run cold, quite chilling. I wonder if you have any inklings as to who the anti-Christ could be or would it would it be too dangerous for you to reveal that insight? Really amazing information and it is so refreshing to have other Christians come out in support of astrology being a resource instead of an occult falsehood!!


  2. Karakus

    February 17, 2013 at 8:46 am

    “Yeni türkü” means New Folk Song in turkish. Yeni means new, türkü means “a turkish folk song”. So its meaning is not “music of turkey”.


    • rollanmccleary

      February 17, 2013 at 9:13 am

      OK. Thanks for the comment. I got the interpretation I used off the Net. Perhaps the main thing is it’s something from Turkey.


  3. Rebecca

    February 17, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    Cardinal Peter Turkson born in 1948 the same years as the birth of the State of Israel which is a sign given in the bible of end times. It states it must happen within one generation which is 70 yrs.



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