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Following the resignation of a Pope whose name appears beside the word FINI (finished) in the Pentecost chart for Christianity, and, as considered presently, following a run of significant signs in Pisces, sign of our era now at its last gasps, habemus Papam. We have a new Pope. But what does it and he really mean? Is he the last of a line at the end of a dying era?

Given his reputation in his native Argentina, the largely unexpected election of Cardinal Bergoglio (b. 17th Dec 1936) promises well for a new humanity and transparency in the affairs of a Catholicism mired in scandals. He is “a man of the people” (moon and Venus in Aquarius) and being a Jesuit in the papal role belongs to Aquarian novelty and difference. But what else might this election promise? And is this person, or isn’t he, the elusive “Peter the Roman” of the popular but much questioned prophecy of St Malachy?

It cannot be said the time of announcement with the moon what is called “void of course” (i.e.not making major aspect before it leaves its sign unless one cares to count “weak” semi-sextiles to sun and Venus) suggests things are going anywhere very much. A certain dynamism could be lacking or prevented. In fact, with this Pope’s natal Saturn in affliction square to the Vatican sun he can see wrongs but could have an uphill battle managing them.

In harmony with the element of confusion and upsets which can accompany any period of Mercury’s apparent retrograde, I correctly guessed which time the smoke would provide the decision, but not for whom it would rise – I thought Turkson likely (though as my earlier article stressed I couldn’t feel certain in ignorance of patterns for other papabili). What Turkson did seem well set up for was the role of any Petrus Romanus of the Malachy prophecy. After all, this Peter Turkson, called Roman in his native Ghana, even had asteroid ROMAN conjunct his natal sun (for perhaps the reason he is so called in his native country?). Coincidences sometimes happen; and anyway conclave might hesitate to vote for someone positively known as “Peter the Roman”. The prophesied last pope’s name might anyway be more a description than a real title to look for.

But should any of us still be talking about the questioned prophecy and could it yet be fulfilled through Bergoglio? There are reasons to think this remains a meaningful issue.


Nine centuries ago an Irish saint and prophet according to St Bernard of Clairvaux (though he doesn’t mention specifically the papal prophecy), is said during a visit to Rome to have presented a prophecy of the Popes which disappeared into the vaults. It’s my opinion Malachy gave at least the number of the popes and that the mottos were later added. Something I didn’t know when I wrote my Vatican Destiny article was that a little known but important, very detailed work by a Belgian Jesuit, Rene Thibault, La Mysterieuse Prophetie des Papes (1945) maintains that the prophecy is genuine but that the version we possess was likely edited from a Celtic document by Nicholas Sanders (1530-1581). The latter was a papal legate who spent a lot of time in Ireland prior to the publication of the work by the Benedictine Arnold Wion in 1595. Thibault regards the earlier almost too perfect prophecies as forgeries and the more generalizing but often correct later prophecies as genuine. As some recommendation for the book’s researches and speculations, the author did regard the regular line as ending in 2012. This means he was two months out if Ratzinger was end of the line as the Pentecost chart for Christianity indicates. As said, this shows RATZINTGER conjunct FINI (finished) in a portion of the chart actually stimulated when the resignation was announced.

Is there anything following Bergoglio’s election would suggest we should still suspect the Petrus Romanus identity for this person whose name is not Pietro but who if nothing else would surely do well in the kind of protector role given him as opposed to the darker, Antichrist-linked picture some have recently been putting upon a last Pope? (They have done the latter in the light not just of Protestant ruminations but some old Catholic forecasts including one attributed to St Francis of Assisi)…..I notice the following.

• Just as RATZINGER conjuncts FINI (Finished) in shocking Aquarius for Pentecost, so we find FINI conjunct Bergoglio’s Venus in the same Aquarius sign (though I am unable at this time to know where in the new Pope’s chart this Venus stands and what issues it might “rule”).

• At Pentecost RATZINGER and FINI were at 24 and 25 Aquarius. There is no Malachy asteroid unless its translation, MESSENGER; but as though giving a connective signature to the prophecy and to Ratzinger’s end of line resignation, MESSENGER for Bergoglio falls at 24.15 Aquarius, itself highlighted under the usual rules by the fact that 24 degrees is the same degree as his fated nodes (in Sagittarius) this meaning MESSENGER could hold a special significance for this whole chart.

• Bergoglio was born with VATICANA conjunct the degree of his Pluto (in Cancer). This links him rather specially to the Vatican and certainly promises he could transform and reform it in the style of Plutonic action; but Pluto can be involved with death too.

• The death dimension of Pluto is somewhat more likely to apply since Bergoglio’s sun at 25.32 Sagittarius is conjunct the Saturn at 28 Sagittarius in the house of any endings for the Vatican. (The Saturn connection also bespeaks the known conservatism of this Pope – expect needed reform but not necessarily progressive policies). Bergoglio’s own Saturn at 16 Pisces is a very heavy one conjunct the Vatican’s Part of Father and Fate.

• I have long said that the ACHRISTOU asteroid is an astrospeak factor and works for persons and issues like Satanists and Satanism that are fundamentally Antichrist. Interestingly, Bergoglio’s Mars (attack and resistance) is conjunct the Achristou asteroid which would fit for any Peter the Roman.


If there is anything at all in this it should be assessed in the strange, larger context of current celestial signs.

• When Pope Benedict announced resignation 4 planets were in Pisces.
• When he left the Vatican 5 planets were in Pisces.
• When the conclave began there was a lunation with 6 planets in Pisces. The comet PanStarrs has been passing through the sign. (Comets traditionally harbor trouble and endings). The lunation just preceding the conclave and which colours issues under the month it is held, showed Mars at 29 Pisces, its last degree, the notorious endings, sinkings and murder degree, a feature which belongs to a general pattern of ending one sees.
• Pope Francis himself has Saturn in Pisces which reflects his humility, simplicity and and labours of service and is very Christian (Jesus had Saturn in Pisces) but at this point in time it could link him to the sinking ship.
• Why, we may ask, at the time of Benedict’s departure from the Vatican at 8 pm on 28th February, was Mars, which often cuts off, on 20 degree Pisces directly opposite Jesus’ natal sun and conjuncting HEMERA (Gk Day) and ISHI (Ara. Lord/Husband) in the Pentecost pattern for Christianity? ……One could say the Day of the Lord prepares and the darkness rises.
• The Age of Pisces introduced by Christ’s birth is now ending (albeit the faith he introduced is not of that sign). When the result of the conclave was announced Venus in Pisces was at 19.33 between the positions of messianic Jupiter (“his star”) at Jesus’ birth at 19.23 Pisces and The Part of Sons at 19.41 Pisces. I suppose one could say this means papacy under a Jesuit will be more than usually about Jesus and no more is implied, but VENUS is traditionally Peace and any Victory. The position of Venus here at this time and following all the other signs is like one recalling St Paul’s, “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through the Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Cor 15:57). In this case surely a victory beyond the approaching demise of the Vatican with its too many failures, and victory over what prepares beyond the darkness preceding the advent of the new age.

I hope to write further on the outlook and policies of this Pope and how and why he might become involved in any persecution of the church a la Malachy, but I shall wait to do that including to see if more exact birth data can be established.


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5 responses to “POPE FRANCIS, A FIRST OR A LAST?

  1. 777

    March 14, 2013 at 3:27 am

    Interesting. Perhaps the increasing number of planets from 4 to 5 to 6 in Pisces preceding the cutoff, describes the end of 6 millenia (Jesus having arrived on earth at the end of 4, making these seen in Pisces His millenia). The end is the Day of the Husband (Hemera & Ishi), or the appearing of the Bridegroom who takes the church away.
    Oddly enough, yesterday I was worshipping quite volubly in tongues, but kept wanting to say “Ishi, Husband, Ishi, dear Ishi!”
    Whatever our interpretation of all the signs, we know the Bridegroom is coming because God has said so. All creation will then be released, because the rightful King will retake His dominion over a very messed up earth. We all need to align with His purposes in these strategic times.


  2. TruthSeeker

    March 14, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    As I watched Bergoglio’s acceptance speech, I couldn’t help but wonder about the prophecies of St. Malachy and how all of this ties together astrologically. Thank you for such an excellent blog on how it all comes together and how the pieces are falling in place. It’s one thing to observe the astrological data, but another to provide valuable insight! Thank you for doing both:)


  3. Insight

    April 12, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    Is Pope Francis really a reformer? Is he really such an outsider? His parents, after all, were Italian immigrants in Argentina. Will Francis stand up to the Italian clerics in the Curia? IHas the media overstated the REFORMER? For more, pls see my essay at:


  4. PETER

    April 16, 2013 at 8:40 am

    Thanks Rolland, another excellent blog!



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