10 Oct


Good Day from the friendly Middle East. We seek to please
And whatever will be best for you is first and forefront on our minds.
Ladies don’t drive a car, it threatens society and your ovaries.
Gentlemen don’t dance on cars and there expose your pants,
It is the same as being naked. For which two thousand lashes
And ten years in jail is sentence all too light for wickedness
Like that.[1] Your privates should stay private or else go to hell.
Did you intend to jig and cause apocalypse?
Hello?… I think reception’s lost.

Good Day from the heart of Europe’s North
We too are friendly and we like to entertain,
And here strolls Fred the Fair [2]. If and when
The sun comes out he’s Norway’s walking nudist camp,
A sight for wanderers in street and park.
Right now he wants gone viral You Tube thrills with
Easy pick of girls. He says feel free to look at me,
I’m bringing joy while building confidence.
What more can I do for you? Of course…
Hugs yes and kisses yes. Say, how about
I have the number of your phone?
I’ll not be sexier here outdoors
Than let you see my boner first
(Just to be sure you like it and you love me too)
Don’t be afraid, our good police can see I’m fun.

Ja, Ja, [3] this land of ours, it has a sense of humour,
And Vikings, we don’t understand what violence is
We’re not like Jews who circumcise and so attack
Their children.[4] An uncut penis is a sign of peace,
No need to hide it like the cross at church these days
Lest we offend our visitors.[5] We don’t believe
In sin, original or any kind, for murder
You’ll be in not more than several years.
Please one, please all that’s what we do,
Our TV shows are body free,
That’s life and love and faith enough for us.

Maybe…but let’s suspect the country with
Too much conviction or too little; their contrast makes
Each other worse. The nudist is no criminal but
What’s a prank and where’s the comedy in sex
Scarce better than the work of whores
Who chase their clients and who try to please?


1) The prosecutor of the four Saudi men charged with dancing on a car roof “naked” described their sentences handed down this month as too light. The severest was 10 years jail, it is not clear how “naked” each was, but it seems down to the pants was sufficient in some or all cases….The sentence is to be compared with 8 years and 800 lashes recently handed down to a popular Saudi Muslim TV preacher found guilty of raping, torturing and beating to death his 5 year old daughter.
2) Fred the Fair is the so-called “Freddy Fairhair”, alias Fred Andreas Ligaard, a 23 year old student and naked pick-up artist making a gone viral sensation on You Tube trying to push boundaries with what some call a prank, others sexual harassment.  If his birthday is 30 September 1990 then it’s interesting his 6 degree Libran sun would trine a point called Priapus at 6 Gemini and probably aspects his shocks loving Aquarian moon. The nudist’s planet Neptune is interestingly at midpoint between rebel Uranus and conservative Saturn in earthy Capricorn. The whole pattern is very earthy for an airy Libran, but this would harmonize with one of Fred’s mud pics.
3) Ja (Yes) pronounced Yahw or Yore
4) In May this year Norway’s Dagbladet paper portrayed a Rabbi with a devil’s pitchfork stabbing a baby in the head. A woman is cutting off the child’s toe, while blood spurts over a religious book. In the caption the woman tells a policeman: “Mistreating? No, this is tradition, an important part of our belief!” The officer retorts: “Belief? Oh yes, then it is all right.”. I suggest psychologically Norwegians are Vikings with some problems round aggression which they suppress and/or project in odd ways… here on Jews. Few Jews remain in Norway as it’s rapidly becoming anti-Semitic despite the liberalism at a certain level.
5) I don’t have the reference recalled from a feature in Christian Post world news. Even if it was exaggeration it would belong to a trend in which western liberals and Muslims incongruously combine as in Switzerland to propose the cross be removed from the national flag lest immigrants be offended. Secularists like Norwegians ignore that for many Muslims to submit (Islam means Submission) is an imperative and where they settle they at least spiritually possess. Hence the host should eradicate what displeases especially as to offend religious sensibilities is a crime under Islam lifelong unforgiven. This why heroic Pakistan Muslim Malala Youfsafzai still remains a target for the Taliban while non Muslim Pakistanis can be blamed and persecuted for almost anything. Any “do in Rome as Rome does”  does not correspond to the mindset of many immigrants. Compromise gestures and tolerant concessions set precedents which may send unintended submission  messages. Arguably typical of arctic circle myopia, while churches burn in Egypt, Christians are imprisoned in Iran and in many Muslim countries they lack basic rights, Norway’s Christian Democrats youngest candidate asks Muslims to join his party.

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One response to “NAKED RIGHTS: A POEM

  1. TruthSeeker

    October 10, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    Wow, what a stark (no pun intended) contrast on the society of extremes. God Help us!! Thank you, Rollan, for another eye-opening poem and such a treasure trove of information in this day of celebrity/entertainment “news”. I believe that I gather more substantial information on what is happening out there from you than any news program!



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