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THE MAGI AT ERA’S END: A POEM  (followed by a feature indicating how its information is true and still works vividly today)

Tzedek, great lord of liberty and righteousness
With Shabtai symbol of the Sabbath rest
Serene across the desert plains you once rose
Not as prodigy yet bearer of high mysteries, [1]
Even limitless, with secrets to unsettle kings
And mark beginnings of an age
Now entered on its anguished end.

Magi who fled into the night, of all
You witnessed and declared you left no trace
Except what was enshrined in precious gifts.
Gold was a royal sun and bright divinity,
Myrrh was your Shabtai, Saturn of burial,
Endings and the God of Law, while Frankincense
Was Jupiter for the priestly chosen one. [2]

Inside degrees stargazers of the Gentile
Lands attributed to Israel, two stars
Conjoined as sign the One of Ancient Days
Had sent and blessed the filial messenger.
They shone near blended as one light
Themselves in opposition to a set,
Long hidden sun of night within the
Maiden sign of dedication [3] This was
The centre of a horoscope, this was
The vital core of what you knew,
A life of  kingship, service, prophecy
But then of conflict too with persons
Of authority and faith all promising
One cruel end – judicial execution. [4]

Yet even you who wondered, sought and
Who adored, even you with whom an era
Was begun could not see all, were not disclosed
The further secrets time unfolds. No tables
And no instruments of yours could tell
The same night of nativity inscribed
The names and titles in the skies, would
Place the forebears in their proper house, [5]
Would as one pattern signify and far beyond
The time of death, would work throughout an age’s
Span, so much there is no question you were right.
Those mysteries you first divined, for which you
Left far Persian homes are something we may
Certify; yours was the truth we can enlarge.

Between long centuries if much has changed
Among those things which stay the same, include
There lacks the room within the inn for either whom
You came to find or else the wisdom you reveal.
Most wish to know the authentic Christ, or if
The messiah lived and died. For some it’s
Curiosity, for others it’s their means
Of gain; even so, contempt, indifference
Or hate is all there is to greet suggestion
That they trace your way resolving most
They want to know. “It would not fit our list”
The godless publisher opines, the same who’ll milk
Religion for the Magdalene. “I don’t do myth” another
Says (who deals in lies). Of enemies the worst
And almost furthest from the truth, the followers
Of Christ know best: there is nor can be fate
Or astral truth, it’s devil’s work, forbidden
Divination, no magi were astrologers –
Even though Talmudists and the Essenes
Were, as they aggressively ignore.

And thus for arrogance religion joins
The scientist who quite denies the heavens
Speak knowledge as the Psalm would say. [6]
So now the ship of fools sails on faced to
Those storms – expression of an age’s end
Unrecognized –  confused around the ways of God
Through scriptures of the Hebrew and the Greek
Which seem to clash and cancel each their vision out
Because how God’s face and the symbols change
With eras’ turn, believers neither see
Nor do they even wish to know. [7]

Not even the apostle gladly suffered fools.
O cross beneath the Southern Cross to endure
The leaders, blind, who block and hinder
On the path, to realize near to cycle’s end
There’s scarcely more of wisdom now than
Greeted Magi at the first! What light
May hope to penetrate the obscuring mists,
The enveloping gloom? It may be none.
What can be justified and known awaits
The next, the coming time whose lightning
Sign divides the sky. Let this awake
The dead and open eyes, the mystery
No more a Bethlehem child, more like
A midnight bridegroom’s wild surprise.[8]


[1] Acronychal risings as of Jupiter (rising opposite the sun’s setting) were not miraculous or prodigies like shooting stars, but they were deemed significant, watched for in ancient political astrology and associated with special births. “We have seen his star in the East” should read “we have observed the ascension of his star”, his star being the messianic Jupiter. (A major objection to a sign read as messianic and falling in  7 BC  (- 6BC) is that Jesus could not have been “about thirty” at the time of his ministry. This is most commonly understood by scholars and astrologically confirmed as being  28-30 AD; but this objection depends upon ignorance of how age was counted in Jesus’ time which was by segments of five years so that “about thirty” could be anything from 30 to 35.
[2] Frankincense was the incense of the Temple and had priestly associations. Jesus will be imaged among other things as a high priest [Heb 8:1] although Jupiter, depending, also enjoyed royal (princely) associations. With Jesus images priestly and princely often overlap or merge.
[3] Ancient astrology inclined to more literalistic, fatalistic readings than would apply today. Especially for any presumed ruler, Sun opposite Saturn in a heavy sign for it like Pisces could be seen as suggesting  a tragic end or judicial execution (perhaps through religious forces given the additional Jupiter contact) rather than just a  difficult life. Sun opposite Saturn plus the potential conjunction conflict with Jupiter, corresponds to suffering generally and more materially to the burial incense, myrrh, in a way theories of “biblical astronomy” don’t cover. Their Jupiter/Venus patterns are more redolent of success, lives of the rich and famous (or even lucky devils) than sacrificial Messiahs!
[4] i.e. this was a night birth with its sun hidden in Virgo. The incoming era was of Pisces or rather it would be the Pisces-Virgo era. It is the sign opposite Pisces will define the collective ideal, and born under Virgo Jesus will represent that ideal in relation to Pisces.
[5] i.e. then unseen, unnamed factors like asteroids have since dramatically filled in the gaps.
[6] Ps 19:2. The claim that every night the skies are giving knowledge would only be true if, as in the astrology Christians dismiss, heavenly signs were continuous and only rarely exceptional.
[7] Confusion over the such differences in imagery and values as the God of the OT being “Lord God of Armies” and N.T. “Prince of Peace”, are more explicable in terms of era change, -the militaristic associations of Aries and the more service orientated, forgiving ones of Pisces, the fires of Aries over against the seas of Pisces etc. Christians avoid these obvious facts of traditional astrology while some pursue the often arbitrary, often misleading “biblical astronomy”.
[8] In one of the apocalyptic parables Christ is the unexpected midnight bridegroom (Matt 25:5). Shocks and lightning are of Aquarius.

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Speculation about Jesus seems  inexhaustible. In 2017 the press featured concerning a quest for Jesus’ DNA.  But is there by now anything really new to discover?

Most are aware Jesus was not born on Dec 25th. But it sounds improbable to maintain that Sept 15th, is  now certifiably the  true birth date. Even assuming  that could demonstrated, would the solution to a long standing puzzle of astrology/astronomy, reveal anything that opens upon a whole range of vital information? Here’s a brief answer but by its end the unexpected, even irrefutable one.

Back in the late ‘70s  two eminent  astronomers,  Austria’s  Ferrari D’Occhieppo and England’s  David  Hughes, argued from ancient  astronomy/astrology  that mid September 7 BC was necessarily what drew the attention of Magi. In 2012 Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives cited the thesis as a plausible explanation of the facts, but wonders what we should make of it. What indeed?

Avoiding detailed astrology, the astronomers presented no “working” horoscope for the life. (Such would need to reflect through so-called “transits”, extreme crisis around the Easter week of – by general consensus – AD 30 or 33 and prove sensitive to Jesus issues to this day). Even with this, given existing attitudes and knowledge, it would still be hard to convince people of the significance of even the most valid chart although, as I’d immediately seen, even the gifts of the Magi seemed to codify the centrepiece of a suggestive natal pattern: Sun (Gold) opposite Israel’s messianic Tzedek/Jupiter (Frankincense) conjunct fated, painful Saturn (Myrrh) in suffering Pisces, sign of the incoming era.

The Star of Bethlehem was Jupiter, specifically at 19 Pisces, a sign it rules, within a portion of the heavens associated with Israel. Possibly a comet enhanced it. If recent  theories from Ulster’s Colin Nicholl about a so-called “Great Christ Comet” (a long period comet apparently certified by the Armagh Observatory) are valid, though Nicholl proposes October 6 BC for the birth when his comet was nearest earth, Swiss Astrodienst’s measurement for the GCC on 15th September 7 BC  happens to be suggestively conjunct what years before I was convinced was Jesus’ crucial Midheaven destiny angle.(Oddly too, the comet also turns up on the signature degree of the Bethlehem Star at Christianity’s foundation at Pentecost in 30 AD).

But astrologers testing the astronomers’ thesis produced no working chart. Without testing for AD 30 and aware of historical considerations like Passover dating (which could place crucifixion on a Thursday before Passover) average tests were doomed to fail. Moreover, without specific understanding of how age was counted in Jesus’ time, many would dismiss any 7BC birth as not letting Jesus be “about 30” when starting his ministry).

Required was a pattern that under usual rules could combine typical features for a worker with his hands, a healer and public speaker/teacher – an uncommon combination. I found it with surprising ease. With more effort I traced requisite factors for beginning and ending a dramatic public ministry.

I was satisfied the grail was found. Astrologers I consulted didn’t disagree. My findings were favourably reviewed in America’s leading astrology magazine. A relatively technical account of the findings was published in New Zealand in 2003. And the chart still worked….When I forecast Jesus was likely to be notably in the news around a date in 2002, he was – the discovery of the much contested James ossuary box with the names of Jesus and Joseph on it was reported from Jerusalem.

But was there some way to popularize the proofs for the general public? If you can accept that Finnegan’s Wake-like all time and language are one and, as Psalm 19:2 claims, night skies “utter knowledge” then there’s new, clear evidence. We can now know the positions of name, place and concept asteroids anciently unseen and unnamed. It has in any case long been possible to apply certain Parts, like Part of the Father, of Brothers etc to the picture. With such data added to Jesus’ standard (planetary) pattern, results are eloquent and against statistical probability. They confirm the pattern for the birth time I’d established years before without access to the new evidence.

In the “house” of home, origins and family, Jesus’ ancestors like Ruth, Solomon, Jacob, Miriam (Mary) etc appear. (It happens Paradise is also there!). On the reputation Midheaven, Joshua (the real Jesus name) is found. The chart receives a super-conjunction of asteroids with Jesus’ names and titles, Masi (Messiah) conjuncts Isa (Arabic for Jesus) and so on. The asteroid James conjuncts the Part of Brothers – only a very time accurate chart could allow the coincidence.

The suitability is repeated later for the crucifixion pattern at which interrelated San Pedro (Peter), Nemesis, Lucifer and Hahn (cockerel) are suggestive for a certain story about denial and cock crow. On Easter morning when it’s said an angel rolled away and sat on a stone, asteroids Angel and Stone are found directly connected in appropriate place. An extraordinary cross history-relevant pattern emerges for what would have to have been the pre-Pentecost day of reported disappearance or ascension.

These findings (I apply around 500 asteroids and 80 Parts), matter for many reasons. It becomes harder for maverick scholarship to propose Jesus never existed. But we can also ask questions like did Jesus marry the Magdalene (the answer couldn’t be clearer), was he at all Essene-connected (it looks like it), did John author the gospel attributed to him (hard to deny) and obtain clues to controversial subjects like Second Advent and divinity claims. At the end of the Piscean age which Christ’s birth may be said to have inaugurated, we can know things unknown at its inception and that we perhaps should know.

Yet I’m not sure people want answers to their frequent questions. My data is as exact as a fingerprint and unique as the Dead Sea Scrolls, but I could write a book about the distortions, rejections, hostility and indifference encountered trying to promote the findings,  As one religion journalist said in refusing a feature: “we know all there is to know about Jesus, we don’t need to know about the Magi”…. “No room at the inn”! The problem may be more spiritual than intellectual, though plainly inside and outside religion there’s excessive resistance to the idea astrology could demonstrate anything. But Christianity must face up to its connections with astrology.


Beyond the generalities, some more details….


[The following is one of many pieces, but an important one, in the puzzle that offers unexpected evidence for the above claims from an unexpected quarter…….The much disputed James Ossuary Box, claimed to be the only artefact that can be associated with Jesus’ family, after having been declared free of forgery charges last year is now the centre of a criminal investigation. It is so because IAA investigators and Israeli police have controversially applied a silicon substance they might have known could harm the chances of ever perfectly certifying further issues around the age and authenticity of the box’s vital inscription. My article from last year for a now abandoned site is re-issued, slightly altered here in light of journalist Matthew Kalman’s Nov 10th Blog feature at which raises the question: can we now ever hope to know the truth? Sadly it looks like we can’t…..unless via the contested route I describe here which offers its own proof, because….how many agreements and coincidences can one have and then just ignore them? I put the point to Kalman, a Guardian and Jerusalem Report journalist who has not acknowledged or replied]


Over a decade ago in early ‘02, when asked to suggest a good time to launch a Jesus related book of mine in New Zealand, I proposed (what proved impossible to fulfil) the weekend of 19/20 October. I believed Jesus might well be in the news around then, though I wasn’t sure quite how he would be so.

On the 21st Oct news from Israel was announced of a potentially momentous discovery of maybe the world’s only Jesus-related artefact. This was an ossuary box inscribed as belonging to James, “the son of Joseph and brother of Jesus”. James died (martyred) in 62 and Israel only produced ossuary boxes between 20 BC and the 70 AD fall of Jerusalem. The three names were common at the time, but the relationship between them in one inscription was obviously suggestive. The limestone is from the right period, but since ‘02 there has been inevitable controversy over whether the inscription could be genuine. The box’s owner Oded Golan was accused of forgery, but after a frustrating decade of legal proceedings was judged innocent of the charges as of 14.3.12.

I suspected Jesus would be in the news in late October ‘02 because in a radical extension of respected researches of astronomers Ferrari D’Occhieppo and David Hughes I claim to know and prove exactly when Christ was born as per my Testament of the Magi (2009). Before saying more on that scepticism and dismissal-inviting and mostly just ignored claim, I shall mention the following. In the heavens at the time of the ’02 announcement, what is called the fated nodal axis lay across 10 Gemini/Sagittarius. A decade later on March 14th ’12 with the ossuary (whether related to Jesus’ family or not), declared no forgery, that same axis stood at its almost perfect exact reversal at 9 Sagittarius/Gemini.


This coincidence might seem to be no more than that except for another rather crucial one. In my data for Christ’s birth (which I happened to discover on March 14th twenty five years ago) the asteroid JAMES falls at 9 Gemini (itself sign of any twins or brothers) and conjuncts besides, astrology’s Part of Brothers on the same degree. JAMES in turn is very close to Jesus’ so-called ascendant angle (the degree on the horizon when Christ was born). Since angles are affected by major events concerning a person during and even beyond their earthly lives, given factors like the nodes conjuncting this angle and then Neptune (for many modern astrologers the Christ planet) fortunately trine to it in late Oct ’02, plus these factors following an eclipse which that year had positively trined Jesus’ destiny/reputation Midheaven angle to within minutes of a degree of accuracy, I could guess Jesus would be in the news in some notable way. (The chart can claim extreme accuracy. As early as 1988 the late Gwen Stoney, an Australian specializing in little used German timing techniques, was satisfied the  birth time fell with 30 seconds of accuracy for a painful death for the given date and time of crucifixion in AD 30).

But I had not taken into account something in effect unknowable but relevant. If, as I obviously wasn’t expecting in the twenty first century, anything material such as any artefact could belatedly be linked to Jesus and his family, then that should relate to the most bodily/physically associated sector of his birth chart, namely the ascendant angle. So… if there were any artefact found, factors affecting this ascendant and with links to James and brothers, could well bring out something to do with them too.


Actually, for many people discovery of the ossuary box brings out something else: a major question around the mother. The Catholic church is sceptical of and opposed to the ossuary not least because Mary is deemed “ever virgin”. Arguments for ossuary authenticity could help undermine belief in perpetual virginity if James could be certified as Joseph’s son by Mary rather than only a cousin or perhaps half brother by some previous marriage of Joseph as per traditions since especially St Jerome.

It happens that the reason that originally I had myself entertained a few doubts the find was genuine was because with Neptune the mystery planet highlighting Jesus’ ascendant there could just be confusion and delusion. However…. Neptune is liable to herald confusion as opposed to illumination when what astrologers call “affliction” (a bad aspect) is involved. Neptune in ‘02 was not afflicting the ascendant in that way suggesting deceit. It was if anything registering fortunate shock towards the materially relevant ascendant angle from the surprises sign Aquarius. Moreover, as said, astrologers today regard Neptune, if and when working positively in this way, as the Christ planet itself in religious contexts. So if the Christ planet fortunately trines the ascendant….the artefact would be authentic and could relate to Jesus?

But what might acceptance of the ossuary do to the rather crucial question of the mother and family relationships? We can well ask because the birth pattern shows Jesus’ mother as much involved with James too.

In astrology, the moon is universally the mother symbol. The moon at Christ’s birth fell at 8 Gemini where it conjuncts the Part of Children at 9 Gemini. So James at 9 Gemini ought to be Mary’s child at the same time as being Jesus’ brother. Which means the Virgin wasn’t a virgin? The celestial answer would seem to be….at any rate not perpetually so!

The heavens seem determined only to affirm what the first believers held, namely that Mary was a virgin when she bore Jesus. All said and done, and against every statistical probability, we find Jesus’ maternal moon was conjuncted either side by the only two virgin asteroids in the heavens in any language, namely JUNGFRUN and BETULAH (God’s virgin). And this Gemini moon was not in any fixed sign that would better signal anything as permanent as “perpetual” within the temporal and material realm. The moon was nonetheless challengingly opposed by a conjunction of AETERNITAS (Eternity) and GABOR (The Hebrew word for the strength of God) with the Part of the Father, with its obvious affinity for “the Power of the Most High will overshadow you” (Luk 1:35).

But recall that belief in Mary’s perpetual virginity is first suggested by the probably late second century Protoevangelion of James which an early church father Origen mentions as containing this belief he considered dubious. The gospel is pseudepigraphical, i.e. not authored by the apostles, but still the name and identity of James would now be forever indissociable from mysteries of Mary. So the skies reflect the connection even while they challenge the derivative belief.


I doubt these and other coincidences would hang together if the discovery of the ossuary was not somehow significant as the sole artefact linked to Jesus’ name we may possess and are likely now ever to possess. Why else would Christ’s birth data which register to this day for such as Dan Brown and the onslaughts of sceptics as they affect the reputation and understanding of Christ, be registering the case of the James ossuary so closely?

I have a further consideration. In astrology Jupiter is deemed the register of truth in any question. It is also central to the line of inquiry I have long pursued that Jupiter was “his star”, the Star of Bethlehem itself. 9 degrees Taurus is traditionally a critical degree meaning it’s strong and carries special significance. I therefore ask myself why Jupiter, “his star” and register of truth in astrology for any legal affairs, would be on this same critical 9 degrees when judgement gets passed that the ossuary is not a fake? For Jesus’ birth 9 Taurus is significant as a site of precisely recognition. It is his degree of the asteroids ANNA and SPIRIT and even the Part of Spirit – Anna the prophetess in the Temple is said to recognize the child as the Messiah by the Spirit.

It must be conceded in all this that astrologers would raise questions about any supposedly final decision on anything made given that the court’s decision was made with Mercury in its apparent retrograde motion. By tradition, a declaration under that influence could only be subject to revision. But no doubt the argument will go on! We may reasonably suspect in this instance that this Mercury signifies as much and more a call to a more general revision of people’s opinions, everything from the nature of Jesus’ family to the truth of celestial signs in relation to Jesus and life at large!

I am once again compelled to affirm the data for Christ’s birth have been found beyond all reasonable doubt if everyone from secularists to fundamentalists could somehow overcome their various prejudices sufficiently to look at the evidence which always works and rings true down to minor details. (The leading theologian to have argued for and  written on the veracity of the Ossuary find, Ben Witherington has never replied to me. For theologians as for scientists, astrologers simply don’t or shouldn’t exist, even if they’re also doctors of religious studies!). Such details are  astro-archaeology not archaeology, but these are significant in their way and more revelatory and wide-ranging than any archaeology for Christ if fragments for such could ever be found. For those who would insist against the surprising claims of the above that Jesus’ brother was anyway really Jacob rather than James, a JACOB asteroid also exists….it’s found at his birth in Jesus’ house of origins and in the same sign, but suitably not conjunct, his disfavoured alienated wife Leah (asteroid LIIA), along with names of his ancestors, rather than his brothers. It belongs to the sheer miracle of what I have found, that the unfavoured wife Leah, who is nonetheless of the messianic line, finds her way into the origins house like Ruth.

In other words the skies are precise, and as one of Jesus’ forebears insisted, they “utter knowledge” (Ps 19). They do so even though as the Church Times would tell us (as they told me in refusing a feature years ago on the subject of Jesus’ natus ), “we know all there is to know about Jesus, we don’t need to know about the Magi”, or as the Archbishop of Canterbury would propose for Christmas 07, the Magi were probably just myth anyway.

Further details emerging:


Back in ’82 the news regarding the James Ossuary was released through – and all the main debates engaged about it have centred in – Toronto. It was also the site of the emergency problem that nearly cancelled the unique public display of the box when it was discovered that transportation had produced unexpected cracks. Where is asteroid TORONTO in Jesus’ birth?

James 9.27 Gemini
Toronto 9.25 Pisces in 10th house of destiny/reputation…..

in other words, Toronto is almost to the minute of a degree in astrology’s classic square affliction aspect of 90 degrees to indicate difficulty, problems, arguments and linked to Jesus’ own reputation and identity too in some way.


I was surprised and wondered if it meant anything that declaration against fakery occurred on March 14th. . It was the same day that a quarter of a century earlier I believed I had discovered the birth data for Jesus. Just coincidence? Maybe, but for both dates it highlights sun at 23 degrees Pisces which had always struck me as an odd degree for the discovery. But what does it mark in Jesus’ birth? It is the position of asteroid POOR on an axis (i.e. directly opposite) QUMRAN. The Essenes were alternatively often referred to as “the poor”.

23 Pisces/Virgo has to be the Essene axis of Jesus’ natus. Scholars have often suspected connections of Jesus and/or James with the Essenes – the scholar Eisenman in a massive tome on James, to the eccentric extreme most of us disagree with, and his interventions at Toronto demanding to be heard for his theories weren’t well received. But it was nonetheless the Essenes who searched for the Messiah in the stars. In effect, my discoveries are bringing back the Essenes and an aspect of their teachings which Christianity has rejected and overlooked. Which means that under the rules, my own personal astrology should be connected to James and or the Essenes? I hadn’t bothered to look before today.


In my own natus I found that James stood at 28.21 Libra. On the 14th March when the decision from Jerusalem sent me off into a flurry of messages, Saturn (anything to do with career, reputation and long term aims), was on 28.26 Libra, i.e minutes off exact to James. When I posted a version of this blog on Friday morning it was exact. But where is QUMRAN? It’s natally conjunct my JAMES asteroid at 27.07 Libra. Which means it is in positive trine aspect to my natal Uranus, this being the planet of any astrology and astrologers. Essentially one could say I am bringing back some Essenean astrology or astrologizing theology and James is a, or one, of the triggers for this……Necessarily so…. I now see that even at the time I discovered Jesus’ data back in ‘87, James was fortunately trining a world point Midheaven angle making him, as I hadn’t realized till now, vital to the picture. The terrestrial artefact that solely testifies to Jesus is complemented by the more extensive celestial information regarding him.


None of what I claim  is modified by all the (very complicated) claims around the now so-called Great Christ Comet proposed in 2015 by Colin R Nicholl.  There is no historical record for the comet and it remains unclear whether this is more a plausible theory or a  phenomenon the Armagh Observatory has actually  traced. However, Swiss Astrodienst  supplies measurements for it, and to the extent it happens to turn up right on the destiny Midheaven of Jesus’ natal chart, it is possible Jupiter/Saturn  was  accompanied and somewhat highlighted at the time by the addition of a comet in the skies..


July 2016   The Big Jesus and Jupiter Weekend

December 2016   Light on the Bethlehem Star/Comet/ Alignment Debates


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