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It was noticeable, perhaps coincidental but potentially significant, that President Trump’s Dec 6th speech on the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, included the phrase “peace and security”.Such of course belongs with the new policy’s aim. Trump aspires to fixing “the ultimate deal” for the Middle East and strives to change the whole fraught picture for that region. He may well succeed. He has already troubled the waters in such a way that the result may now be a degree of confusion or possibly even outright war (Iran is already vowing to destroy Israel on account of the Jerusalem claim) which a new peace deal will be obliged to resolve more rapidly and radically than anything perviously.

However, the “peace and security” phrase, already a mantra among some world leaders and bodies, is often cited now by prophecy buffs as signaling the end times and a warning of the imminence of the so-called Rapture. Undeniably it is used by St Paul in Thessalonians (1 Thess 5:3), one of the places in which he refers to the situation around the sounding of “the Last Trump” (which now almost sounds like a pun upon the POTUS’ name!).

I will not try to summarize the whole doctrine and interpretive variations on a theme as regards Christian end times teaching. Sufficient to say that among those who pursue this line (many Christians discount it) there is a sufficiently large consensus that the Rapture, Transformation or Disappearance of the believing prepared occurs just before or after, but anyway around the time of, an historic peace accord for Israel. A treaty must be made that an Antichrist, or false Messiah figure, will subsequently confirm, an accord that at least temporarily resolves the Temple Mount issue and even permits a third temple to arise. This is something to which despite common impressions, Muslims are not universally opposed – some in Turkey, for example, have openly supported it in service of a more global religion.

Many students of prophecy assume the false Messiah cannot be fully revealed before the crisis of Rapture and/or some kind of destruction (massive quaking?) occurs. “when they shall say peace and security, sudden destruction comes”. American Christians assume their nation, long Israel’s chief ally, will be much involved in achieving the elusive peace. (An ignored purely astrological reason for the belief, is the way that America’s founding Venus, the peace factor in any chart, is at 3 Cancer conjunct Israel’s founding Venus at 4. Moreover America’s Venus conjuncts its own Jupiter at 5 which reflects optimism, good fortune, not to say religious feeling attending the whole venture).


At whatever pre or post Rapture moment in the narrative of the Church the false Messiah appears, there is no question that recent times and Trump’s Jerusalem decision have brought forth a crop of speculations about the imminent advent of the Antichrist.   However, expectation did begin well before the Trump declaration so that this fairly new and original insistence/intuition from within the prophecy fold can be attributed to everything from some shift in the collective unconscious seeing it’s not wholly from Christians either [1], to something more authentically prophetic.

I give the trend some benefit of the doubt because this time round anticipation also neatly and clearly corresponds to something which those involved wouldn’t wish to consider, yet which ironically is almost the strangest and strongest case for expectation which will now either soon be proved true in 2018 or can be safely  put to rest for good.


Back in 1962 the late Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon (most apocalyptic interest tends to be Protestant) claimed to have received the most important vision of her life, namely of the birth of ”The Child from the East”. Dixon was however alone in insisting this figure was the biblical Antichrist when  elsewhere in the world many were declaring the unique celestial signs of that time (5.2.1962) augured if not the end of the world, the birth of someone very special, likely a world teacher or avatar.

For the reported birth Dixon supplied an exact time but no exact place, only “in the Middle East”, which was odd because having been taught astrology by a Jesuit priest, Dixon would know that astrological birth data, rather relevant in this instance, require a place. Most likely, as one non-Catholic prophet years later independently had it, the birth was in Syria. If so, that would suitably make the subject like the original Antichrist ante-type, the Syrian Antiochus Epiphanes, defiler of the Jewish temple in 167 BC. It is in any case a fact that until recent times, descendants of the Davidic line, with which possibly the False Messiah would wish to identify, have lived around Damascus. Dixon subsequently reported her “Child” was early taken to and spent time in Egypt as though in imitation of Jesus,then later was brought by his parents to Italy settling in Rome where he would be influencing especially persons in religion.


Even without the exact pattern supplied by a place of nativity, there are things that distinguish the birth pattern in a way that sends out warning signals for prophecy and which are far more persuasive than anything attributed to the likes of Obama which America-centric obsessions have somehow managed to make out is the Bible’s own dark figure. (It is just possible Obama could facilitate such a person’s advance – Dixon saw the US as her Child’s chief promoter – but if so that’s another matter).   For Dixon’s “Child”, all the inner or so-called personal planets from moon to Saturn were exceptionally in Aquarius, sign of the human, while the outer spiritual, trinitarian planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto were not in the sign. Neptune (often today called the Christ planet) was however negatively placed relative to the identity-giving sun and conjunct asteroid Lie besides. Altogether this could indicate the wholly human wisdom of 666 that never reaches the sacred 7 and perhaps the appearance of a seemingly futuristic wisdom since the age of Aquarius must soon dawn.

Suggestive too was the way that the “ruler” of the Aquarian sun, Uranus, was highlighted and primed for fame by its conjunction with the fame and influence-favouring fixed star of kings, Regulus, in royal Leo. This also conjuncted an asteroid Achristou which over the years I have found to function as an Antichrist symbol, prominent for those like Aleister Crowley into the dark side.

Other technicalities feature such as a negative relation to the pattern for Christ. I have long claimed to possess this (it continues to work and register for Jesus events)  and it should be known by all Christians. It isn’t, partly due to the demonizing and total misunderstanding of astrology by Christians as so much forbidden “divination” as opposed to the study of cycles and symbols that the rabbis would see it as being. (See Testament of the Magi  and explanatory blog The Magi at Era’s End

It is because they fail to study or understand astrology traditional or modern but promote instead a wide-of-the-mark “Christian astronomy”, that there have been so many false calls and errors directed recently upon events. One of the signs of last August’s significant solar and lunar eclipses was precisely their relevance nobody noticed or stresed to the birth chart of Dixon’s Child. Though it’s not only eclipses I would consider in this case, last August’s nevertheless functioned in a way that promised something “now or never” in the life of the promised one. If Dixon’s person existed, I knew they simply had to appear as despite some previously helpful and suggestive patterns there had never been, nor will there ever be, quite so strong a call and impulse towards power and influence  for as long as the person would live; and obviously too they will not be getting younger.

I said  this in a youtube Signs, Rumours and Forecasts of Apocalypse suggesting that the end of this year or early next could witness the person’s advent. What I failed to stress was how much the eclipses of January (lunar) and February (solar) of 2018 answer to those of last August and complete any call but allow it to be a little further delayed. All one would need to see is whether within the first half of 2018 Israel would reach the stage of some treaty that a messianic figure could confirm. I consider the chances of this quite strong to the point of being all but conclusive – say 90% likely – and here are some of the reasons.


Lunar eclipses as opposed to solar highlight already existing problems and situations that must be resolved and can be within six months. Solar eclipses deal in new issues that may work out across the year from the time they hit.

At the end of January the lunar eclipse at 11 Leo falls conjunct Israel’s destiny and leadership house, Pluto (i.e. ruler of its chart because Scorpio rises). This contact could entail profound changes for Israel and its leadership [as of Feb 2018 Netanyahu’s leadership is under threat ]  and perhaps too Donald Trump whose natal Pluto is at 10 Leo. At the time of the eclipse, Venus is degree exact conjunct Dixon’s Child’s Venus, itself general ruler of any treaty-making and socio-political amity. His natal sun is also challengingly opposed by the eclipse to generate action. Significantly, the fated nodes at the time of the eclipse fall on a world point, 15 Leo. This is deemed the most difficult of the six such worldpoints and it’s the degree both of the Christ asteroid for Christianity according to the Pentecost chart for Christianity,  and the degree of the solar eclipse just preceding the Child’s birth. It is even also within conjunction of Jerusalem at 16 Leo, the point of contention in Jesus’ birth chart, and then modern  Israel’s destiny house Saturn (serious decisions) at 16 Leo; and just by this a lot is signified……

The world in 2018 could, however awkwardly, be taken up with Israel’s and Jerusalem’s fate and Israel, however reluctantly, accept the world’s involvement in what is decided. And what’s decided might be surprising. Uranus, a factor always involved with novelties and the unexpected. At the time of eclipse Uranus is in exact fortunate opportunity aspect to Israel’s natal Uranus indicating that original outcomes could indeed be on the way within months.


This falls at 27 Aquarius which is to say challengingly opposite the mentioned natal Uranus, Regulus, Achristou combination in the chart of Dixon’s “Child from the East”. But there’s a good deal more than that. 27 Aquarius makes exact opportunity aspect to Israel’s natal Jupiter, strong in its natural sign Sagittarius. Israel will have fortunate opportunity to make progress during the months from the eclipse – quite likely and as hoped by Trump, by mid May when the 70th year of modern Israel’s foundation is celebrated. But what is striking is that at the time of the eclipse and in harmony with the kind of signs one must observe in eclipse patterns, Mercury conjuncts 25 Aquarius (natal degree of Israel’s sensitive Tempel asteroid) while surprising Uranus at 25 Aries is exactly in opportunity sextile to it. And outside of Israel’s chart, Pluto is even conjuncting Tempel in the Child’s natus. Issues of the temple truly look to be highlighted.

Also worth noting, although not exactly touched at the time of eclipse, is that natally Israel has exact connections between its Achristou asteroid at 23 Aries and Constantia (which has a lot to do with treaties and agreements) at 23 Aquarius   and  Constantia in turn is trine Uranus at 24 Gemini. The prophetic picture regarding a very special treaty seems like it was a potential from the first. But we also have to ask if Trump has a chance, despite all the opposition, of bringing off his “ultimate deal”. As said, I think it’s quite likely, even probable, because by May 1st 2018 shortly before Israel’s seventieth anniversary, by what is called planetary progression, Israel’s natal Venus (any peace treaties) stands at 25.31 Gemini from where it is in the meetings, semi-sextile aspect to Trump’s natal Venus at 24.44, real deal stuff.


But what about Trump himself? Here I don’t wish to jump the gun, to pre-judge and dogmatize too much, but in line with comments in the previous blog, I do see an almost theological problem arises for Trump’s Christian fans for whom he can do little wrong and for whom his recent declaration for Jerusalem was God’s will and nothing but.

The fact is, however, that the same celestial factors which hint at Trump’s ability to progress further and make the treaty he so desires, also hint the same deal could be questionable, as indeed is his understanding even of what he has declared for Jerusalem. As a noted Jewish journalist for UK’s Times, Melanie Phillips, immediately pointed out and even while hailing Trump’s Jerusalem decision, it is not quite true that Jerusalem is “at the heart” of three major faiths when the city is not mentioned once in the Koran as opposed to hundreds of times in the Bible. Muslim veneration of Jerusalem is real but something that has grown over time and in conflict with the Jews. In my opinion, Trump almost makes his religion up as he goes along or, with asteroid Israel in his religion sector, defending Israel almost is his religion to the detriment of other considerations. He recently claimed that Christ’s birth made everyone God’s child whereas Christian belief is that nobody is this unless by adoption and grace (Eph 1:5). Lack of clarity like this could make Trump susceptible to a variety of deceptions.

The fact is that Trump who was born under a divisive Gemini conjunct shocking Uranus, has a chart which shows the Achristou asteroid at 24 Gemini in his destiny house within conjunction his sun to permit some influence. The asteroid is moreover in a meetings aspect to his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction at 23 and 25 Cancer. As Venus is at once natural significator of agreements and “ruler” of Trump’s career and destiny Midheaven, plus as mentioned Trump’s Venus progression around next May is suggestive, could POTUS’ master deal ultimately play into the hands of Dixon’s Child from the East?

Israel or Zion is God’s land with the Jews a kind of favoured tenant rather than its complete owner, a reason according to the Law the land is not to be sold or divided up (Lev 25:23). One end times prophecy even accuses the nations of the world of dividing up the land ((Joel 3:2). Certainly the Trump deal is not opposed to, even envisages a divided land, a two state solution which is what pragmatically most nations of the world generally favour (even N Korea’s Kim Jong Un supports it which is not exactly a recommendation!) though previous concessions of the kind as in Gaza haven’t bought peace or settled anything. So if Trump’s deal goes along with a principle of division, can it be considered completely valid and desirable? He and many will doubtless think it is, especially if it can gain major concessions such as regarding the Temple Mount. But then what?


I think it would be improper to start speculating on anything like the super crisis of a Rapture event and its timing, but in the interests of consistency I must at least answer the question, does the likelihood of a treaty in 2018 additionally allow at least the possibility of any major crisis or mystery within its time frame? I note at least this much. The same Aquarian February eclipse that falls opposite the Antichrist’s Uranus, Regulus/Achristou conjunction, does also challengingly oppose, and almost to the minute of a degree, the Church/moon conjunction of the Pentecost chart for the birth of Christianity. In this pattern the moon rules affairs of the twelfth house which can include disappearance, the hidden or mysterious.

I also find the following data of interest as being at least suggestive, even while I can’t make full sense of it all or the possible sequence – for example why is the celebration of Israel’s seventy years of nationhood and possibly of a peace treaty too, occur on the (“unfortunate”) dark of the moon on the 14th before the new lunation hits conjunct its sun on the 15th? At least no one can call my observations date-setting for any hour or day, even if it happened to point to a relevant season.


April 16th, new moon at 26 Aries, conjunct Venus which is in Pentecost’s destiny house but “rules” the 4th of endings as per my youtube talk that includes re the Pentecost chart.

May 15th the new moon at 24 Taurus conjuncts Israel’s 23 degree natal sun. It’s the same day that shocking Uranus, perhaps explosively, enters into the peace and security sign, Taurus. It does so for around seven years (itself length of the Tribulation) and on Christianity’s degree of Ganymede (mythic symbol of seizure and flight to heaven – there is no Enoch asteroid to substitute for it). The same Uranus also hits Israel’s 0 degree descendant angle affecting its relations, its enemies, its treaties etc. (Uranus in on the relevant degree from 15th May to 5th June. Taurus is also the earth. Uranus into Taurus could herald increased instability in the earth, in short quakes and volcanos unlikely to be in short supply if any period of Chaos, the Tribulation, were to begin and even with no Tribulation even scientists have been forecasting that 2018 could be the year of megaquakes.

May 29th full moon at on 8 Sagittarius, degree exact conjunct Jesus’ natal marriage and legal affairs cusp angle while transiting Venus conjuncts Jesus’ natal Part of Marriage..

New moon June   13th at 22 Gemini is degree exact conjunct Donald Trump’s natal sun.

Again, I’m not sure what exactly all this means and how it fits together, but I don’t doubt it adds up to something, namely around six weeks of time that could well prove dramatic and game-changing for affairs of this world. Some will object that if the onset of the Tribulation period was signalled, none of this ties in neatly with a Jewish festival. And because Jesus’ life fulfilled the spring festivals, some assume any end times scenarios must be associated with an unfulfilled autumn ones, especially Trumpets, especially so as Jesus’ words about none knowing the day nor the hour save the Father, belong with idioms associated with the Feast of Trumpets. But I am not fully persuaded the feasts entail some rule, though I gave it some benefit of the doubt in my youtube assessment of apocalyptic claims, but even so….


The period I am emphasizing here does in fact include Pentecost (20th May the standard Christian and Jewish festival this year though some calendars would set it a day or two later or a week later – the original Pentecost on 26th May AD 30). This might just be symbolically meaningful and in ways almost never considered. Pentecost stands alone amid the spring feasts on one side and those of autumn on the other. The church, a community born in AD30 at Pentecost – a celebration of the giving of the Law – birthed a Jewish and a Gentile-Jewish community, and as though anticipating the church’s  internationalism, traditional Jewish readings for the feast were and are from the book of Ruth, a story about two women, Jewish and Gentile who join together.

Arguably, then, if the first Trump was the one that summoned Moses to the Mount, St Paul’s “Last Trump” could be not the last blast at the Feast of Trumpets but the one that finishes the era of the revised, Gentile-including Law. Quite strongly favouring this notion is that the day of Pentecost was originally supposed to be anticipated by remaining awake for the whole night prior. Is this not the rather improbable situation of the ten bridesmaids of the apocalyptic parable, who slumber on the job at  the midnight hour? Interestingly too, the only figure of the Jewish bible who was understood to be raptured/transformed (unless one counts Elijah), was Enoch. His name meant Teachings which is what the Law is supposed to be beyond regular law. But according to rabbinic tradition, Enoch is associated with Pentecost – mythically he is supposed to have been born on it, but evidently in anticipation since he belongs in Genesis!.

Yet before anyone gets too carried away by suggestive signs or starts accusing me of setting times and dates (at most I could be said to have indicated a season) it does look as though the world will seem sufficiently in normal gear to be celebrating a royal event – Prince Harry’s wedding which has now been set for the 19th May. The lunation prior to this on the 15th May at 24 Taurus and as it relates to Harry’s chart could hardly be stronger to emphasize that something and distinctly marital could and should occur, so it probably will.

So just how ordinary or dramatic the whole mid April to early June season could be is an open question. But whatever the outcome, Christians who imagine they can ignore and dismiss astrology are ill-advised. It’s like thinking the Magi should never have come to Jesus’ birth – which a dubious figure of the Eastern churches, Bishop St John Chrysostom did actually believe. Sadly some have been agreeing with him ever since and the loss has been enormous.


1) Rather as in wicca and occult systems what is anticipated or desired is symbolically enacted, recently there has been a degree of enaction of a False Messiah’s advent. For example, on my other McCleary’s Additions blog and its most recent article The Star: A Film Joking the way to Bethlehem for Christmas,   I cite the strange case of Greg’s bakery in UK and its calendar which, to considerable protest, issued a depiction of the traditional manger filled by a pork roll instead of a Christ child. It does so happen that the original Antichrist ante-type, Antiochus Epiphanes, completed his defilement of the second temple and its rituals by sacrificing a pig upon its altar.

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President Trump has stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and declared for a move, though not immediate, of America’s embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. No nation currently has an embassy in Jerusalem and Trump has made his announcement a few days after the UN (which seventy years ago in 1947 voted for Israel’s statehood) ironically  enough ruled that Israel, despite all the historic claims and associations, has no jurisdiction over or ownership of the city. There is something momentous going on here, and some would even say apocalyptic at this time for reasons of which presently.

Yet whatever the possible truth in broad historical and religious terms, it remains understandably embarrassing to many Christians and others to be told (by mainly Christian conservatives) that a president apparently against the environment, who favours a  person as dubious as Roy Moore, opposes reasonable gun control and even protection for endangered wildlife (perhaps because his son shoots elephants), is God’s own chosen, raised up to do God’s will. Nor are conservative Christians alone in ignoring the problems of their enthusiasm. When Trump was elected, rabbis in Israel were  proposing he was Cyrus, name of a Persian king considered a – not the – Messiah for his decree that  Babylon’s exiled Jews could return to Zion and build the second temple (which to complicate matters today, many Muslims, especially Palestinians, deny ever existed)..

Sometimes truth is paradoxical and ambiguous as in a statement of the Psalms, “surely the wrath of man will praise you” (Ps 76:10). I suggest it is just this in the case of Trump. Neither God nor Christians need approve all Trump does or believes. The point is that he can still be “fated” to bring about certain necessary changes  And to the extent those changes can’t and won’t be attempted by others and within a certain time frame, almost by default Trump is “chosen”.

In terms of religion no minor issue is involved in acknowledging Jerusalem’s special status for what it is – practically it has long functioned as Israel’s capital anyway, its parliament is there – but biblically it is the place God has chosen to put his “Name” or Mark for all generations and where Yahweh will come to dwell  even though, as in Zechariah 3:2, the Satan challenges that and in the end times  all the nations of the world may be against Jerusalem (Zech 12:3)  This is what in many respects even now is the current situation with  the Trump decision  being roundly condemned.  Especially as regards the UN,  doctrines of worldly expediency or appeasement take precedence over any possible issues of divine will or revelation in the matter while the nations of supposed Judaeo-Christian tradition aren’t that in anything like authentic biblical terms if they can be so alienated over a fundamental issue like Jerusalem’s status.

So…. declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel was arguably something Trump’s “in your face” attitude had to do and alone could do at this time, one generation after modern Israel was first voted into existence. Trump’s  action  is arguably part of a sequence of events which can’t now be put on hold and that have something to do with the building before long of the much anticipated and prophetically forecast third temple in Jerusalem.

It would be hard to exaggerate quite how much Trump is “fated” and that the heavens declare it. Both would-be “progressive” liberal Christians who discount biblical prophecy and conservative Christians who deny the self-same astrology that was involved with Christ’s birth, fail to know and recognize the signs of the times with which Trump’s birth pattern has much to do.


At birth Trump had his natal Jupiter (anything to do with religion and vocation and the Bethlehem Star itself) conjunct asteroid CYRUS. This same CYRUS was in direct fortunate, opportunity-making trine aspect to TEMPEL (Ger Temple) itself conjunct shocking, novelty-invoking Uranus in Trump’s house of destiny and reputation. POTUS’ great feeling for and belief in Israel is, moreover, indicated by his ISRAEL asteroid in his house of beliefs and religion. Its position for Trump is having some stimulation at present from current transits of both Saturn and Uranus to it, call-of-duty Saturn itself having been conjunct the Galactic Centre, associated with events in religion.

That Trump would always be challenged by and/or make a challenge of Jerusalem itself is clearly indicated by the way that his natal JERUSALEM asteroid at 2 Scorpio falls in modern Israel’s first house opposite the nation\s own JERUSALEM at 3 Taurus in its house of treaties and relation with other peoples. It is of course a divisive decision (though it merely enacts what the American Congress passed twenty two years ago but feared to act upon but which Trump made a campaign promise of). The policy change was virtually guaranteed to occur at this time because of the pattern of the last lunation challenging to Israel’s sector of treaties and embassies and then last weekend’s super moon full moon occurring under difficult aspects but conjunct Israel’s natal Mercury (anything that divides).

Whether peace or war is the aftermath of what has been declared  – and given last August’s eclipse some conflict for Israel seemed likely in the months following – a countdown is now on towards a peace treaty involving Israel and probably some important agreement concerning the Temple Mount. Trump is particularly dedicated to making this which he regards as this deal of deals. A case could be made for the deal and even some arrangement for the temple area falling within the first half of 2018  and following the February solar eclipse.

As many have pointed out and without any astrology prompting them, Israel’s affairs seem to unfold along a peculiar timeline. Starting from 1897 and the foundation of Zionism, 2017 received various year counts 120, 100 70, 50 amounting to a generation, a jubilee and so on that mark turning points in the history of the revived nation. (Seventy years is always biblically significant – the Jews were seventy years in Babylonian exile before their return to Zion).  And as regards the church, at least according to some interpretations, Christ’s parable of the budding fig tree (Matt 24: 32-34) seems to indicate that the generation of the end times, the generation that will witness the apocalypse, is the one that witnesses the historic rebirth of Israel.  But that generation has its time run out either in 2017 one generation after the UN declaration for Israel, or by May 2018 seventy years after Israel was  fully self-declared as a nation in May 1948. This of course raises all sorts of questions, especially if like many one holds that the Antichrist should soon appear (and/or  even  that he cannot appear unless and until the so-called Rapture of the believing prepared part of the church is taken away).


What can astrology comment and forecast here…something, anything? In some respects astrology is like philosophy applied to life according to Hegel. He decided philosophia comes “too late to instruct us”. It can only reveal the underlying patterns of history to us after they have occurred so that it is “only with the fall of dusk that the owl of Minerva spreads her wings” to supply wisdom. Actually I believe astrology can do a bit better than that and can forecast some things including because there are cycles and “what has been will be” (Ecc 1:9) so there is repetition or at least theme and variation; but forecasts often don’t hit right because as I stated in a recent youtube (Signs, Rumours and Forecasts of Apocalypse ) often the astrologer can’t even imagine (or only imagine as one of several possibilities) the sort of things the subsequently clear enough signs pointed to and certified  needed to occur. (I cite how the fated nodes exactly conjuncted Israel’s TEMPEL asteroid when earlier this year Jews prayed for the first time in a Jubilee on the Temple Mount. It was exact but I couldn’t have predicted just that).

So, can one see the likes of the advent of an Antichrist, the building of a temple, WW 111, the occurrence of a Rapture? I am not going to embark upon the prospects for such in this article though I’ve offered an educated guess about a treaty and the temple above and touched on these  areas of concern in the mentioned youtube….where I somehow managed to omit just how vital the eclipses of January and Feb of 2018 are in reply and complement to the super significant ones of last August that I emphasized.

What I will say is that even if 2018 produces nothing so extreme as the Rapture or appearance of the Antichrist (which for certain technical reasons in relation to the patterns I must allow to be possible), with the economy quite likely to collapse (economic depression has some association with years when Saturn is in Capricorn as begins soon) and with even scientists now proposing the year will be one of mega-quakes, I suggest 2018 may well anyway seem like the Tribulation itself and that the first seals of judgement have been opened.

ROLLAN MCCLEARY: TESTAMENT OF THE MAGI : Mysteries of the Birth and Life of Christ  (book and kindle).  All the astrology and astro-theology that should be common knowledge but isn’t.    

THE MAGI AT ERA’S END:  A POEM  (followed by a feature indicating how its information is true and still works vividly today)                 









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