I was born in London but am of dual Irish and Australian nationality. I am a doctor of religious studies from Queensland University currently living in rural S.E. Queensland following a lot of overseas residence in especially Asia. Besides numbers of books concerned with mainly religious and cultural themes, I have written drama and poetry. A poetic drama, Daughter of the Sea King based on the Welsh Mabinogion was broadcast on the ABC. Most of my published works can be viewed on Amazon. The most recent works have nonetheless been indie published through CreateSpace. They have not even been offered to any publisher due to the prejudice I have experienced in the past against any spiritual and religious themes (despite one of my first internationally published works, The Expansion of God (1981/82) on Christian missions and Asian cultures, being a critical success). One also has to consider the long process of getting books accepted and out into the world if one aims to be at all topical. Especially my Solomon’s Tantric Song was written in response to a lot of attention that was being directed upon the Song of Songs including from theatre in 2012.

This blog takes over from the aims of Rollan’s Censored Issues Blog on Blogger. Whereas however the interests of the earlier blog were purely critical and aimed to treat subjects not often or easily dealt with and published (including the astrology too often dismissed by religious and scientific establishments alike), since April 2013 the current blog has included a good deal of poetry. This is something that just suddenly happened, I am not quite sure how and why. I had  abandoned poetry a quarter of a century ago thinking it a defunct, impossible medium for expressing oneself adequately in our times. Not with top recommendations could I ever get one word of poetry published anywhere – the poem Catullus Redux of Aug ’13 blog and its notes gives some notion of the extent of  the problem and expresses certain well justified resentments.

Even so, and as Catullus Redux  wittily  implies, I really do consider myself something of a modern day poete maudit censored out and poorly treated by the artistic and publishing communities alike, not to mention also the religious and gay communities despite my A Special Illumination (2004) being a comprehensive, world first study in its line on gay spiritualities and theologies. I can claim never to have been given due outlet and support for even the most remarkable work as on the true, still working, provable birth data of Christ which the world should be allowed to know. (See Dec 2013’s protest poem The Magi at Era’s End

My autobiography, Reflections of an Only Child, is now (as of Sept 2014) available and puts the whole rather ghastly story on record along with some more amusing recollections and some serious reflections on life as per the title. See

I can be contacted at, and on Twitter @Richardrmc


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