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It was noticeable, perhaps coincidental but potentially significant, that President Trump’s Dec 6th speech on the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, included the phrase “peace and security”.Such of course belongs with the new policy’s aim. Trump aspires to fixing “the ultimate deal” for the Middle East and strives to change the whole fraught picture for that region. He may well succeed. He has already troubled the waters in such a way that the result may now be a degree of confusion or possibly even outright war (Iran is already vowing to destroy Israel on account of the Jerusalem claim) which a new peace deal will be obliged to resolve more rapidly and radically than anything perviously.

However, the “peace and security” phrase, already a mantra among some world leaders and bodies, is often cited now by prophecy buffs as signaling the end times and a warning of the imminence of the so-called Rapture. Undeniably it is used by St Paul in Thessalonians (1 Thess 5:3), one of the places in which he refers to the situation around the sounding of “the Last Trump” (which now almost sounds like a pun upon the POTUS’ name!).

I will not try to summarize the whole doctrine and interpretive variations on a theme as regards Christian end times teaching. Sufficient to say that among those who pursue this line (many Christians discount it) there is a sufficiently large consensus that the Rapture, Transformation or Disappearance of the believing prepared occurs just before or after, but anyway around the time of, an historic peace accord for Israel. A treaty must be made [as   of April ’18  such is already said to be privately agreed by various Arab nations including Saudi and Egypt but not the Palestinians) that an Antichrist, or false Messiah figure, will subsequently confirm. It would be an accord that at least temporarily resolves the Temple Mount issue and even permits a third temple to arise. This is something to which despite common impressions, Muslims are not universally opposed – some in Turkey, for example, have openly supported it in service of a more global religion.

Many students of prophecy assume the false Messiah cannot be fully revealed before the crisis of Rapture and/or some kind of destruction (massive quaking?) occurs. “when they shall say peace and security, sudden destruction comes”. American Christians assume their nation, long Israel’s chief ally, will be much involved in achieving the elusive peace. (An ignored purely astrological reason for the belief, is the way that America’s founding Venus, the peace factor in any chart, is at 3 Cancer conjunct Israel’s founding Venus at 4. Moreover America’s Venus conjuncts its own Jupiter at 5 which reflects optimism, good fortune, not to say religious feeling attending the whole venture).


At whatever pre or post Rapture moment in the narrative of the Church the false Messiah appears, there is no question that recent times and Trump’s Jerusalem decision have brought forth a crop of speculations about the imminent advent of the Antichrist.   However, expectation did begin well before the Trump declaration so that this fairly new and original insistence/intuition from within the prophecy fold can be attributed to everything from some shift in the collective unconscious seeing it’s not wholly from Christians either [1], to something more authentically prophetic.

I give the trend some benefit of the doubt because this time round anticipation also neatly and clearly corresponds to something which those involved wouldn’t wish to consider, yet which ironically is almost the strangest and strongest case for expectation which will now either soon be proved true in 2018 or can be safely  put to rest for good.


Back in 1962 the late Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon (most apocalyptic interest tends to be Protestant) claimed to have received the most important vision of her life, namely of the birth of ”The Child from the East”. Dixon was however alone in insisting this figure was the biblical Antichrist when  elsewhere in the world many were declaring the unique celestial signs of that time (5.2.1962) augured if not the end of the world, the birth of someone very special, likely a world teacher or avatar.

For the reported birth Dixon supplied an exact time but no exact place, only “in the Middle East”, which was odd because having been taught astrology by a Jesuit priest, Dixon would know that astrological birth data, rather relevant in this instance, require a place. Most likely, as one non-Catholic prophet years later independently had it, again from alleged  vision, the birth was in Syria. If so, that would suitably make the subject like the original Antichrist ante-type, the Syrian Antiochus Epiphanes, defiler of the Jewish temple in 167 BC. It is in any case a fact that until recent times, descendants of the Davidic line, with which possibly the False Messiah would wish to identify, have lived around Damascus. Dixon subsequently reported her “Child” was early taken to and spent time in Egypt as though in imitation of Jesus,then later was brought by his parents to Italy settling in Rome where he would be influencing especially persons in religion.


Even without the exact pattern supplied by a place of nativity, there are things that distinguish the birth pattern in a way that sends out warning signals for prophecy and which are far more persuasive than anything attributed to the likes of Obama which America-centric obsessions have somehow managed to make out is the Bible’s own dark figure. (It is of course just possible Obama could facilitate such a person’s advance – Dixon saw the US as her Child’s chief promoter and increasingly subject to an undermining deep state – but if so that’s another matter).   For Dixon’s “Child”, all the inner or so-called personal planets from moon to Saturn were exceptionally in Aquarius, sign of the human, while the outer spiritual, trinitarian planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto were not in the sign. Neptune (often today called the Christ planet) was however negatively placed relative to the identity-giving sun and conjunct asteroid Lie besides. Altogether this could indicate the wholly human wisdom of 666 that never reaches the sacred 7 and perhaps the appearance of a seemingly futuristic wisdom since the age of Aquarius must soon dawn.

Suggestive too was the way that the “ruler” of the Aquarian sun, Uranus, was highlighted and primed for fame by its conjunction with the fame and influence-favouring fixed star of kings, Regulus, in royal Leo. This also conjuncted an asteroid Achristou which over the years I have found to function as an Antichrist symbol, prominent for those like Aleister Crowley into the dark side.

Other technicalities feature such as a negative relation to the pattern for Christ. I have long claimed to possess this (it continues to work and register for Jesus events)  and it should be known by all Christians. It isn’t, partly due to the demonizing and total misunderstanding of astrology by Christians as so much forbidden “divination” as opposed to the study of cycles and symbols that the rabbis would see it as being. (See Testament of the Magi  and explanatory blog The Magi at Era’s End

It is because they fail to study or understand astrology traditional or modern but promote instead a wide-of-the-mark “Christian astronomy”, that there have been so many false calls and errors directed recently upon events. One of the signs of last August’s significant solar and lunar eclipses was precisely their relevance nobody noticed or stressed to the birth chart of Dixon’s Child. Though it’s not only eclipses I would consider in this case, last August’s nevertheless functioned in a way that promised something “now or never” in the life of the promised one. If Dixon’s person existed, I knew they simply had to appear as despite some previously helpful and suggestive patterns there had never been, nor will there ever be, quite so strong a call and impulse towards power and influence  for as long as the person would live; and obviously too they will not be getting younger.

I said  this in a youtube Signs, Rumours and Forecasts of Apocalypse suggesting that the end of this year or early next could witness the person’s advent. What I failed to stress was how much the eclipses of January (lunar) and February (solar) of 2018 answer to those of last August and complete any call but allow it to be a little further delayed. All one would need to see is whether within the first half of 2018 Israel would reach the stage of some treaty that a messianic figure could confirm. I consider the chances of this quite strong to the point of being all but conclusive – say 90% likely – and here are some of the reasons.


Lunar eclipses as opposed to solar highlight already existing problems and situations that must be resolved and can be within six months. Solar eclipses deal in new issues that may work out across the year from the time they hit.

At the end of January the lunar eclipse at 11 Leo falls conjunct Israel’s destiny and leadership house, Pluto (i.e. ruler of its chart because Scorpio rises). This contact could entail profound changes for Israel and its leadership [as of Feb 2018 Netanyahu’s leadership is under threat ]  and perhaps too Donald Trump whose natal Pluto is at 10 Leo. At the time of the eclipse, Venus is degree exact conjunct Dixon’s Child’s Venus, itself general ruler of any treaty-making and socio-political amity. His natal sun is also challengingly opposed by the eclipse to generate action. Significantly, the fated nodes at the time of the eclipse fall on a world point, 15 Leo. This is deemed the most difficult of the six such worldpoints and it’s the degree both of the Christ asteroid for Christianity according to the Pentecost chart for Christianity,  and the degree of the solar eclipse just preceding the Child’s birth. It is even also within conjunction of Jerusalem at 16 Leo, the point of contention in Jesus’ birth chart, and then modern  Israel’s destiny house Saturn (serious decisions) at 16 Leo; and just by this a lot is signified……

The world in 2018 could, however awkwardly, be taken up with Israel’s and Jerusalem’s fate and Israel, however reluctantly, accept the world’s involvement in what is decided. And what’s decided might be surprising. Uranus, a factor always involved with novelties and the unexpected. At the time of eclipse Uranus is in exact fortunate opportunity aspect to Israel’s natal Uranus indicating that original outcomes could indeed be on the way within months.


This falls at 27 Aquarius which is to say challengingly opposite the mentioned natal Uranus, Regulus, Achristou combination in the chart of Dixon’s “Child from the East”. But there’s a good deal more than that. 27 Aquarius makes exact opportunity aspect to Israel’s natal Jupiter, strong in its natural sign Sagittarius. Israel will have fortunate opportunity to make progress during the months from the eclipse – quite likely and as hoped by Trump, by mid May when the 70th year of modern Israel’s foundation is celebrated. But what is striking is that at the time of the eclipse and in harmony with the kind of signs one must observe in eclipse patterns, Mercury conjuncts 25 Aquarius (natal degree of Israel’s sensitive Tempel asteroid) while surprising Uranus at 25 Aries is exactly in opportunity sextile to it. And outside of Israel’s chart, Pluto is even conjuncting Tempel in the Child’s natus. Issues of the temple truly look to be highlighted.

Also worth noting, although not exactly touched at the time of eclipse, is that natally Israel has exact connections between its Achristou asteroid at 23 Aries and Constantia (which has a lot to do with treaties and agreements) at 23 Aquarius   and  Constantia in turn is trine Uranus at 24 Gemini. The prophetic picture regarding a very special treaty seems like it was a potential from the first. But we also have to ask if Trump has a chance, despite all the opposition, of bringing off his “ultimate deal”. As said, I think it’s quite likely, even probable, because by May 1st 2018 shortly before Israel’s seventieth anniversary, by what is called planetary progression, Israel’s natal Venus (any peace treaties) stands at 25.31 Gemini from where it is in the meetings, semi-sextile aspect to Trump’s natal Venus at 24.44, real deal stuff.


But what about Trump himself? Here I don’t wish to jump the gun, to pre-judge and dogmatize too much, but in line with comments in the previous blog, I do see an almost theological problem arises for Trump’s Christian fans for whom he can do little wrong and for whom his recent declaration for Jerusalem was God’s will and nothing but.

The fact is, however, that the same celestial factors which hint at Trump’s ability to progress further and make the treaty he so desires, also hint the same deal could be questionable, as indeed is his understanding even of what he has declared for Jerusalem. As a noted Jewish journalist for UK’s Times, Melanie Phillips, immediately pointed out and even while hailing Trump’s Jerusalem decision, it is not quite true that Jerusalem is “at the heart” of three major faiths when the city is not mentioned once in the Koran as opposed to hundreds of times in the Bible. Muslim veneration of Jerusalem is real but something that has grown over time and in conflict with the Jews. In my opinion, Trump almost makes his religion up as he goes along or, with asteroid Israel in his religion sector, defending Israel almost is his religion to the detriment of other considerations. He recently claimed that Christ’s birth made everyone God’s child whereas Christian belief is that nobody is this unless by adoption and grace (Eph 1:5). Lack of clarity like this could make Trump susceptible to a variety of deceptions.

The fact is that Trump who was born under a divisive Gemini conjunct shocking Uranus, has a chart which shows the Achristou asteroid at 24 Gemini in his destiny house within conjunction his sun to permit some influence. The asteroid is moreover in a meetings aspect to his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction at 23 and 25 Cancer. As Venus is at once natural significator of agreements and “ruler” of Trump’s career and destiny Midheaven, plus as mentioned Trump’s Venus progression around next May is suggestive, could POTUS’ master deal ultimately play into the hands of Dixon’s Child from the East?

Israel or Zion is God’s land with the Jews a kind of favoured tenant rather than its complete owner, a reason according to the Law the land is not to be sold or divided up (Lev 25:23). One end times prophecy even accuses the nations of the world of dividing up the land ((Joel 3:2). Certainly the Trump deal is not opposed to, even some say envisages a divided land, a two state solution which is what pragmatically most nations of the world generally favour (even N Korea’s Kim Jong Un supports it which is not exactly a recommendation!) though previous concessions of the kind as in Gaza haven’t bought peace or settled anything. So if Trump’s deal goes along with a principle of division, can it be considered completely valid and desirable? He and many will doubtless think it is, especially if it can gain major concessions such as regarding the Temple Mount. But then what?


I think it would be improper to start speculating on anything like the super crisis of a Rapture event and its timing, but in the interests of consistency I must at least answer the question, does the likelihood of a treaty in 2018 additionally allow at least the possibility of any major crisis or mystery within its time frame? I note at least this much. The same Aquarian February eclipse that falls opposite the Antichrist’s Uranus, Regulus/Achristou conjunction, does also challengingly oppose, and almost to the minute of a degree, the Church/moon conjunction of the Pentecost chart for the birth of Christianity. In this pattern the moon rules affairs of the twelfth house which can include disappearance, the hidden or mysterious.

I also find the following data of interest as being at least suggestive, even while I can’t make full sense of it all or the possible sequence – for example why is the celebration of Israel’s seventy years of nationhood and possibly of a peace treaty too, occur on the (“unfortunate”) dark of the moon on the 14th before the new lunation hits conjunct its sun on the 15th? At least no one can call my observations date-setting for any hour or day, even if it happened to point to a relevant season.


April 16th, new moon at 26 Aries, conjunct Venus which is in Pentecost’s destiny house but “rules” the 4th of endings as per my youtube talk that includes re the Pentecost chart.

May 15th the new moon at 24 Taurus conjuncts Israel’s 23 degree natal sun. It’s the same day that shocking Uranus, perhaps explosively, enters into the peace and security sign, Taurus. It does so for around seven years (itself length of the Tribulation) and on Christianity’s degree of Ganymede (mythic symbol of seizure and flight to heaven – there is no Enoch asteroid to substitute for it). The same Uranus also hits Israel’s 0 degree descendant angle affecting its relations, its enemies, its treaties etc. (Uranus in on the relevant degree from 15th May to 5th June. Taurus is also the earth. Uranus into Taurus could herald increased instability in the earth, in short quakes and volcanos unlikely to be in short supply if any period of Chaos, the Tribulation, were to begin and even with no Tribulation even scientists have been forecasting that 2018 could be the year of megaquakes.

May 29th full moon at on 8 Sagittarius, degree exact conjunct Jesus’ natal marriage and legal affairs cusp angle while transiting Venus conjuncts Jesus’ natal Part of Marriage..

New moon June   13th at 22 Gemini is degree exact conjunct Donald Trump’s natal sun.

Again, I’m not sure what exactly all this means and how it fits together, but I don’t doubt it adds up to something, namely around six weeks of time that could well prove dramatic and game-changing for affairs of this world. Some will object that if the onset of the Tribulation period was signalled, none of this ties in neatly with a Jewish festival. And because Jesus’ life fulfilled the spring festivals, some assume any end times scenarios must be associated with an unfulfilled autumn ones, especially Trumpets, especially so as Jesus’ words about none knowing the day nor the hour save the Father, belong with idioms associated with the Feast of Trumpets. But I am not fully persuaded the feasts entail some rule, though I gave it some benefit of the doubt in my youtube assessment of apocalyptic claims, but even so….


The period I am emphasizing here does in fact include Pentecost (20th May the standard Christian and Jewish festival this year though some calendars would set it a day or two later or a week later – the original Pentecost on 28th May  JC/26th  May GC, AD 30). This might just be symbolically meaningful and in ways almost never considered. Pentecost stands alone amid the spring feasts on one side and those of autumn on the other. The church, a community born in AD30 at Pentecost – a celebration of the giving of the Law – birthed a Jewish and a Gentile-Jewish community, and as though anticipating the church’s  internationalism, traditional Jewish readings for the feast were and are from the book of Ruth, a story about two women, Jewish and Gentile who join together.

Arguably, then, if the first Trump was the one that summoned Moses to the Mount, St Paul’s “Last Trump” could be not the last blast at the Feast of Trumpets but the one that finishes the era of the revised, Gentile-including Law. Quite strongly favouring this notion is that the day of Pentecost was originally supposed to be anticipated by remaining awake for the whole night prior. Is this not the rather improbable situation of the ten bridesmaids of the apocalyptic parable, who slumber on the job at  the midnight hour? Interestingly too, the only figure of the Jewish bible who was understood to be raptured/transformed (unless one counts Elijah), was Enoch. His name meant Teachings which is what the Law is supposed to be beyond regular law. But according to rabbinic tradition, Enoch is associated with Pentecost – mythically he is supposed to have been born on it, but evidently in anticipation since he belongs in Genesis!.

Yet before anyone gets too carried away by suggestive signs or starts accusing me of setting times and dates (at most I could be said to have indicated a season) it does look as though the world will seem sufficiently in normal gear to be celebrating a royal event – Prince Harry’s wedding which has now been set for the 19th May. The lunation prior to this on the 15th May at 24 Taurus and as it relates to Harry’s chart could hardly be stronger to emphasize that something and distinctly marital could and should occur, so it probably will.

So just how ordinary or dramatic the whole mid April to early June season could be is an open question. But whatever the outcome, Christians who imagine they can ignore and dismiss astrology are ill-advised. It’s like thinking the Magi should never have come to Jesus’ birth – which a dubious figure of the Eastern churches, Bishop St John Chrysostom did actually believe. Sadly some have been agreeing with him ever since and the loss has been enormous.


1) Rather as in wicca and occult systems what is anticipated or desired is symbolically enacted, recently there has been a degree of enaction of a False Messiah’s advent. For example, on my other McCleary’s Additions blog and its most recent article The Star: A Film Joking the way to Bethlehem for Christmas,   I cite the strange case of Greg’s bakery in UK and its calendar which, to considerable protest, issued a depiction of the traditional manger filled by a pork roll instead of a Christ child. It does so happen that the original Antichrist ante-type, Antiochus Epiphanes, completed his defilement of the second temple and its rituals by sacrificing a pig upon its altar.

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The Strange Death of Europe has been an instant bestseller. Many have realized how timely it is and also courageous in the face of the abuse and sometimes censorship that declaration of even the most obvious well-attested but politically incorrect facts can engender. While the book can of course be summarized or excerpted, it is best if it isn’t because it needs to be read right through from its initial claim Europe or its leaders are committing suicide, and experienced almost like opera and at that for the kind of literary Gotterdammerung it is.

Actually it does hold out some, but just not much, hope for Europe and ultimately the author feels uncertain about the precise future given the state of society, mood and trends he describes. I am a bit more willing and perhaps able to predict using the signposts he gives and others I would apply; but I can come to that later.

Strange Death records the stories, sets out the facts and expresses its quasi lament for the most part quietly in especially the earliest chapters; but there is a crescendo in later chapters which also widen the perspectives into art, philosophy and religion beyond the political and sociological starting points. In these regions Murray perceives a special “tiredness”, a sense that a society’s story has been told and that its vision having run out it is disconcertingly ready for almost any other theme no matter how much it ignores human rights and fails to appreciate its own past to which it does injustice, projecting onto both past and present unnatural, unparalleled levels of guilt.

Murray agrees with Edmund Burke that the present has a pact with both past and future generations. One cannot act purely in and for the immediate concern. Nor should one start like absurd former Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrick Reinfeldt, who has contemptuously declared Swedes are “uninteresting” and that “only barbarism is genuinely Swedish”,  importing just anyone or anything from outside. Rather as there is a so-called inverted pride we seem to be looking at a kind of inverted racism among liberals. Murray would say Europe seems unable to balance and discriminate between the twin virtues of mercy and justice. It is all for mercy (though there is plenty of hypocrisy around it among those who stress it – not one pop star supposedly willing to house refugees has done so) but weak on justice. And that includes for the rights of people to have and define their own homes and values as they see fit. Some immigration is only right, but where are the wealthy societies from Saudi to Japan who welcome all or even any refugees? They reckon to keep their societies as they are and Europe doesn’t even criticize them for it.


There are passages of the book which are almost but not quite amusing like the telling account (I recognize it all too well) of the Heidelberg University conference which (I would say if Murray doesn’t precisely) reflects the effete nature of a contemporary Europe in advanced decadence. The subject of the conference is Europe’s relations with the Middle East and North Africa which then gets highjacked by the academically trendy deconstruction that prevents any conclusion being arrived at. “No generality could be attempted and no specific could be uttered… philosophy, ideas and language itself had been cordoned off as though around the scene of a crime…The aim of this game – for game it was – was to maintain the pretence of academic inquiry while making fruitful discussion impossible”.

Some of the book however, perhaps more especially in its later chapters, is beyond wit and irony to treat. It can be rather tragic or even stomach churning for the kind of disgust the facts may engender as when it describes attitudes and cover-up of situations like Sweden’s which included that by  2015 it had the worst record for rape in the world apart from Lesotho…but whatever the subject or place it’s mostly a case of don’t admit it, avoid the victims, don’t blame anyone, don’t punish anyone it might cause trouble; better just misreport and lie about it.

Most essentially, or at least when dealing with the politics, this is a book about alarming double-standards and dismissive arrogance on the part of a bumbling, often ignorant political elite at least partly influenced by dogmatic cultural Marxism. Rather than admit its obvious mistakes and make proper adjustments this elite prefers to ride roughshod over the will of those it governs,  turning a blind eye to the behaviour and statements of those who may bully the weak, incite hatred and make mockery of the laws. Any critics or anyone in the way of the political and media elites are automatically dubbed “racist”, “fascist” or persons lacking “compassion”, words which stretch vocabulary beyond anything meaningful or true.



Murray doesn’t notably examine how and why the West and its democracy has produced quite such an inept, unattractive set of leaders in the first place. Perhaps it’s as well for reception of his book that someone educated at Eton and Cambridge doesn’t get into saying, as he could well, that modern leaders are too often neo-barbarians, vulgarians who neither know or appreciate history and European culture sufficiently to be able to define and defend it and that whole world of Shakespeare, St Paul, Dante, Goethe, Voltaire, Bach, Rembrandt, etc with which Murray would associate the West. This situation could be, I suspect, one aspect of a complex problem in its own right.

An extreme specialization in learning at a time of emphasis upon both scientific knowledge and social equality has led to policies which can render centres of higher education stamping grounds for everyone from sportsmen to engineers as much as centres of the humanities and learned debate that universities were by tradition. This has helped create not no elites – no  policies favouring equality will abolish such – but blinkered, half ignorant, purely materialistic ones. It does so in those areas of what are, or should be, “shared values”. But what are these? They are now democratically allowed to be little more than those on offer from popular culture which Murray rightly considers to be of “almost impossible shallowness” and thus to live only in and for the moment. This does not foster vision or prepare minds for real leadership.

Previously statesmen like Churchill were known to feed their minds and spend spare time on everything from  Shakespeare and Jane Austen to Edward Gibbons. But apart from the nullities of popular culture (Prime Ministers almost need to name their favourite pop groups!) there is ever less impulse to know anything beyond one’s particular field of specialization. And almost no field imposes any kind of social and leadership style either. Anything goes fit for a Glastonbury festival. If  TV star Joan Collins and the Italians are right that a person is how they dress, then what to make of the likes of the extraordinarily styleless Chancellor Merkel, ambling to every conference like a washerwoman to the laundry with her plain Jane hairdo and in her eternal trousers in which she possibly seeks to make herself one of the men? Merkel gradually becomes one of the villains of Murray’s narrative of catastrophe; but if looks counted for anything, would a person of her style and appearance have been entrusted with power in the first place? Arguably it’s a last gasps culture doesn’t question this and has even cheerfully dubbed this childless, iron fist and anything but maternal woman as Mutti (Mummy).

Murray makes a vital slip over one point as regards modern Christianity. Commenting upon conversions to Islam sometimes born from despair of finding any meaning beyond pleasure in current society, he observes that not only has Christianity become less a religion than an aspect of social services and a mouthpiece of socialist politics, but it is a faith that has ceased to proselytize. This is and isn’t true. It touches on something very important Murray doesn’t explore and I briefly will.


It is just one more injustice and cover-up of the existing situations that the elites will defend or at least excuse in the name of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” almost any propaganda and values however dubious while they may vigorously oppose anything like propaganda from Christians. It is true enough that Christianity is not getting promoted by any of its leaders who might enjoy some media coverage to do so; but they anyway scarcely protest (or are not reported by media for protesting), often horrendous persecution of Christians today around the world  And the persecution is something not uniquely but considerably a feature of Muslim majority societies from Sudan to Afghanistan though the new liberal politics won’t acknowledge it and won’t speak the word “genocide”.

However….although among an appeasing state religion clergy there is no active proselytizing  there is some will to promote the faith among the laity. But  every day and on the ground, the reality is that proselytizing is virtually illegal now in Britain. It is so in such a way as to make nonsense of former PM David Cameron reference to England as a Christian society. A proper loyalty to the Christian legacy is simply absent.

Forget all the ridiculous cases around even wearing small crosses in the workplace, witness the  case of a Christian therapist, Victoria Wasteney. She has been suspended from her position with the NHS and recently lost a second appeal all because a Muslim woman whom she thought was a friend and with whom she imagined she was discussing her faith as requested and so offered her a book to read – decided the connection amounted to “harassment”. (In fairness, according to report on the case by The Telegraph  the woman may have been somewhat pressured to take the line she did by those of anti Christian prejudice within the NHS system. “Multiculturalism” is increasingly  a pretext to sideline the inherited faith or even attack Christians).

A situation like this needs to be compared for the purposes of warning with a couple of recent cases in Pakistan where even Christian teenagers have been arrested for “blasphemy” because they merely answered supposed school friends’ questions about their religious difference. It would seem one is not advised to discuss anything religious or political with Muslims less they suddenly cry foul and perhaps because friendship can never quite be assumed to the extent the Koran commands infidels never be taken as friends (Q 3:28). But then if Christians ignored Muslim would they not  be accused of “racism”, and “prejudice” and “apartheid” mentality?

This situation presents an impasse that Christians and Westerners of any belief or none need to absorb fast. You can’t be safely ideological or theological in some circles today unless like Ayaan Hirsi Ali you want to have twenty four hour police protection. Muslims are liable to claim all the rights to freedom of expression for themselves alone and blinkered liberals and cultural Marxists will support them. And as Murray so ominously points out in a different connection, fundamentalists always win within Islam – there have always been Muslim reformers but in over a thousand years they have never won. That point is recently certified even since the publication of Strange Death by the way that Berlin’s first liberal mosque open to women and gays has received three thousand death threats to its female imam within a short period of opening. Yet multiculturalists, multifaithers and such like today still stake everything on the questionable hope that somehow the West and modern values will charm, persuade and prevail.

Despite all the media and social media influences, to date there is no evidence of western values percolating unless perhaps in Iran where there is a major quiet revolt against the status quo by under thirties along with, some claim, a substantial growth in underground Christianity. More typically, a Pakistani Christian like Asia Bibi languishes for years in jail on death row for the crime of having as a filthy infidel drunk from a Muslim’s water bowl on a hot day (in Pakistan Christians and minorities are seen fit only to be servants and sewage workers) and, when provoked about her rotten faith, committed the “blasphemy” of asking did Mohammed die for sins like Jesus. Thousands of fanatical Muslims periodically march in the streets calling for the unfortunate woman’s death and that of other “blasphemers” and in fear of them courts and politicians constantly delay appeal going through. Western countries barely protest such unacceptable situations and still pour out aid into Pakistan helping it to feel justified in its attitudes. And the Dalai Lama absurdly disinforms a reverent Joanna Lumley for British TV that Islam is about love and forgiveness just like all the other religions.


It is fundamental to democracy and human rights that beliefs and ideas be discussed. It even happens to be a Christian duty for promote the faith – it is Christ’s last counsel to his disciples. This human right and religious duty, both, are nearly everywhere and always denied and penalized in Muslim societies where all minorities if tolerated are treated as inferiors. But instead of encouraging different views, or protesting manifest wrongs, everyone from cultural Marxists to, do-gooder liberals, atheistic humanists, double standard feminists (who prefer to see the positive in sharia cover up over the oppression of their overseas sisters [ 1] ) and weak Loadicean Christians, nothing vital is protested, defended or done.

One merely offended woman’s feelings must be protected in once Christian Britain more strongly than the entire western tradition of the freedom of speech and ideas. Small wonder leaders of the Middle Eastern churches have spoken of their horror at the non-supportive position of the “Christian” West which has hardly reported the tortures and executions of thousands of Christians with the destruction of their homes and history. They would not have been altogether wrong if against the West  and its churches they had quoted the Christ of Revelation to the lukewarm of Laodicea: “I will vomit you forth” (Rev 3:16).

The current cultural situation so rife with lies and appeasement makes it a little easier to predict the future than even Murray allows. He is of course correct when he observes that religions like societies abhor a vacuum. Something will come to replace what is not doing its job, not least Christianity and a convenient secularism that doesn’t answer to many needs. Sometimes I feel one could almost rewrite the words of the biblical prophets or the Lamentations of Jeremiah for today’s society. They warned of how rejection of the divine and most standards necessarily brings in its wake the “judgement” of an imposition upon the faithless society from an alien outside as divine protection and favour are withdrawn. The opportunity won for the development and exercise of western ideas, Christian and other, by the victory of Charles Martel at Tours in 732 could be seen as providential; but modern secularist rejection of God and reasonable standards withdraws opportunity and divine favour. God ordains and respects freewill even if humanity doesn’t and  free choices can be made which will entail loss of liberty.

This of course is to assume there are not just physical but metaphysical laws which deliver as surely as the physical ones.  The Christian creed declares “I believe in all things visible and invisible”. “Our war is not with flesh and blood….” as St Paul had it. Modern Christianity, most of the West and Murray himself under the influence of science and “reason” believe as never before in the visible; but not in the invisible world that so often for good and ill calls the tune.

Although invisible worlds and laws are often dismissed to the regions of blind faith, we can glimpse traces of them and also that uttering of knowledge by the night skies to which the Psalms refer, in the esoteric discipline of astrology with which Christianity – which despises or rejects the system – virtually began. We see it for example when we note strange coincidences like the fact that at Murray’s birth (16th July 1979 in London) asteroid Europa was in traditional death sign Scorpio and on the day that his book was released (May 4th) fortunate Venus was conjunct his natal Fama (fame).

I will say a bit more about and conclude with Murray’s pattern but what the celestial signs more broadly indicate for everyone is that the story has indeed been told, things have run out. There really is what Murray calls a “tiredness” and there is a major threat to freedom that poor leadership cannot address. But at the end of the age of Pisces to whose onset the birth of Christ approximately corresponded, there is only one scenario remains namely apocalypse, the great apostasy and more than apostasy under an Antichrist and then the completely new and divine order of the Millennium. But for the immediate future, apocalypse and Antichrist belong to the Great Lie, the deception which is permitted to manifest because the peoples will not love truth (2 Thess 2:11). Which it is painfully clear today they or their leaders don’t. People hear what they want to hear and believe about events only what is convenient, censoring out half of reality itself.



A few more words about Murray’s data. Personally I believe The Strange Death of Europe, was the book Murray had to write, was fated to write and which functions somewhat prophetically. I have already mentioned the Europa/Scorpio connection. Also very relevant to writing so contentiously about Europe and also religion and being divided in his mind about the latter (he passes as a Christian atheist) is that he has aggressive, crusading Mars in Gemini. This is the sign not just of duality and languages but of both Europe and also the Christianity which was born under Gemini amid a speaking in tongues and whose heartland, despite its intended international outreach, has long been Europe.

Fame, influence and bestseller status is all but guaranteed by the conjunction of fortunate and publishing relevant Jupiter to Mercury (any writing and communication) in dramatic Leo which expects to be noticed and have an audience. Both the fortune in writing and the difficulty of the subjects broached is shown by the fact that Mercury at 14+ Leo is not only conjunct one of the six world points but conjunct what is deemed the most difficult and unfortunate of those world points, namely 15 Leo.

A certain near reckless courage in Murray such as most politicos and churchman notably lack, has been necessary to pursue the views and express the opinions that he has done. This is mapped by especially his moon in bellicose Aries and in strife (square aspect) to his sun. this goading him into action from a degree of irritation. The moon is however in agreeable trine aspect to Neptune and this quietens the expression of his anger while it makes for a certain poetizing – one reviewer has seen the book as almost a threnody for Europe.

On the whole however he is not a poet but all of a practical busy bee in harmony with his Saturn in Virgo and one who loves and defends the home turf – no sun sign is more home loving and patriotic than Cancer or else more careless of such values. This is why Cancerian Merkel is almost Murray’s fated shadow figure in Jungian terms, the bad mother of the Great Mother sign.

Altogether Murray is a one of a kind, original. The planet of all originality, eccentricity and genius at 16 Scorpio conjuncts his Murray name at 17. Uranus is also the chief signifactor in natal patterns for gayness. Murray who is gay (and with some of the “in your face” attitudes of the gay psyche), is ultimately one of Jung and Liz Greene’s aspiring gay Puers psychologically – necessarily so. Even as a teenager he was writing a highly sophisticated, pioneering biography of Lord Alfred Douglas (no relative though the Scots influence is strong for both), Oscar Wilde’s lover.

I don’t know Murray’s birth time so can only guess, but if as is quite possible it was around 11.45 am with Libra rising, then the pattern would become still more remarkable including that Europa in Scorpio at 28 of the sign would be smack on the cusp of his third house for any writing. The Part of Fortune would be conjunct the career/reputation Midheaven which is always suggestive of fame and success, and Fama (fame) would be strong conjunct the descending angle which gives an audience. Veritas (truth to fact) would be conjunct the ascendant confirming a truth telling prophetic role, but also Alfreda would be conjunct the persona defining ascendant. Asteroids used to be registered in feminine form and Alfreda definitely works in the chart of Wilde for his lover Alfred. It would be fitting if an early obsession with Alfred by Murray was registered by its conjunction on the rising. The present book is dedicated to friend and guide Stanley. Asteroid Stanley in happy trine to asteroid Murray nicely covers for that detail.

Douglas Murray is no ordinary person writing at no ordinary point in history. The times we live in, but then also existence itself if we add the hidden order of reality, are more remarkable than we can ever quite hope to absorb.

(1) Last February despite pleas from Iranian feminists they would not do it, feminist representatives of the Swedish government presented themselves in Iran wearing headscarves.

My own and a poetic version of a dying Europe theme can be found here  The poem, Beyond Dover Beach, was composed in 2013 which is to say a couple of years before the major crises and refugee influx of 2015


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