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Improbable though it sounds, upon examination Apocalypse and associated themes like Antichrist and era change can be considered a rather gay theme both as regards its definition and opposition to  the idea. I don’t say this –  however relevant it is in a minor way – simply because of a recent controversy in Philadelphia. That American city, it means brotherly love and is name of one of the seven churches of Revelation (Rev 3 7-13), has had strife around a drag queen, hired in the interests of “diversity”, to storytell to children in a public library.  Controversially  the drag queen is named Annie Christ.

The Drag Queen Story Hour, not itself new, was launched in San Francisco in 2015 but struck a more radically odd note in 2017 when a drag queen called Xochi Mochi, dressed ominously as a five horned god/demon, “entertained”, if she didn’t frighten, children at Long Beach. What’s different now is that Philadelphia’s storyteller is suggestively named Annie Christ (quickly spoken Antichrist)…. Well, at least she didn’t call herself “Rapture”, something implicitly promised to those souls past and present symbolized by Revelation’s church of Philadelphia.


There are Christians who question whether the doctrine of so-called Rapture (of the believing prepared section of the church) was ever traditionally held, though something of the kind does seem indicated by certain parables of Jesus and St Paul to the Thessalonians. Some maintain it was the nineteenth century invention of an Anglo-Irish priest, but that’s disinformation (see Ireland’s Apocalyptic puzzles ).

Yet even if Rapture belief could be proved to be only modern, that still wouldn’t favour its automatic disqualification from consideration. Since truth about the end times is said to be largely sealed up until its time approaches (Dan 12:9), new realizations are theoretically possible with the passing of time.

By those who emphasize it, the end is usually forecast as something due “soon”, though suddenly or quickly would seem nearer both the original sense and the perennial one. Whether one believes Rapture teaching is old or new, it should be recognized that parallel to the biblical theme there’s a more mythic/archetypal one.

The chief mythical/archetypal equivalent of Rapture to heaven and the marriage banquet of the Lamb, is the story of the youth Ganymede suddenly snatched to heaven to serve at the banqueting table of Zeus who seizes him in the form of an eagle. Over time, suddenly  disappearing Ganymede would even became a symbol of resurrection in a Christian art that stressed an immortality that entails being specifically, materially, raised from earth to heaven. The Thessalonian account of Rapture has those in their graves first taken up before the living are snatched away (1 Thess 4:7).

Jupiter is the Bethlehem Star and thus a major planetary symbol of Christianity (see Christianity and the Jupiter Difference, ), but the largest moon in the solar system orbits Jupiter and has been called Ganymede.

The Jupiter/Ganymede connection represented symbolic logic for sky-mapping astronomers, but for skygazers and as regards Christianity, the connection of this unlikely pair overlooks how in essence Ganymede also represents a gay myth and archetypally Jung’s ascensional Puer (child, boy or youth) impulse more psychologically. As such it has all the elements of special fate, shock, novelty, separation and speed liable to surround gay persons and/or issues. It’s a typology which, however, has more to do celestially with Uranus than Jupiter or any moon of Jupiter. Suitably, at the Pentecost birth in AD 30 of a would-be raptured Christian church, Jupiter and Uranus were in perfect fortunate aspect.

Myths of Uranus (Father Air) symbolically encompass birth control (Uranus tries to prevent Gaia from giving birth) and also castration; Uranus is castrated by his son Saturn who is restrictive Father Time – Uranus is a free principle outside of or ahead of time and the times one lives in, and this allies Uranus with the futuristic/prophetic grand plan of anything.


Given the wide and shifting range of reference, it follows that Uranus enjoys associations not just with the prominent castration theme of his story, but “different” sex, or at least whatever or whoever is out of the family way – mythically Uranus is not well related or even clearly related in any family terms. His origin is abnormally uncertain – he can be fathered by Aethyr, or by Chaos or parthenogenically by Gaia. He can be born from day (Hemera) or from night (Nyx) or Gaia who can be seen as his mother parthenogenically but may also be his wife!

In harmony with  such fabulous levels of variation, across time and cultures we find the crucial “eunuch” word linked to Uranus’ castration theme can itself prove ambiguous and changeable. It’s a floating signifier that may or may not be taken literally where castration is concerned. Cross culturally, and certainly by Jesus’ time, eunuch was a quite loose, broad term that could include anyone different and out of the family way.  It was  thus nearest to the modern concept of “gay” or traditionally suggestive expressions like “confirmed bachelor”. All astrologers know that unless Uranus is somehow prominent and emphasized in a (male) birth chart, the individual will not be same sex inclined. It’s the reason in the early modern period that produced the first Gay Lib movements in Germany, gays were called Uranians (surely a more accurately descriptive term than gay or queer!).

Apocalypse is associated with above all two biblical figures, the prophet Daniel and John the Revelator who plainly knew the book of Daniel very well, while Daniel admits to some major influence from the much less apocalyptic Jeremiah but nonetheless revolutionary, almost heretical proponent of a “new” covenant.(Jer 31:31). What joins all three prophets is a strong handle upon the Uranian principle in some fashion.


According to Jewish tradition, including Josephus, Daniel was a eunuch in Babylon. We can’t be certain of this but it’s highly likely and the claim lets character and themes fall into better place. The prophet Isaiah anyway tells King Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:18) that even some of his sons will be taken away and made eunuchs in Babylon, and undeniably it was common for royals and elite males of defeated nations to be rendered eunuchs.

It is indicated from the outset that Daniel belongs in the royal/aristocratic bracket (Dan 1:3). That he was chosen with some other Hebrew youths for a special courtly education and because he was “handsome and without blemish”, might just indicate he was not castrate; but in context and for the king who had ordered it, castration would not be deemed any blemish in the way it could be for Jews to whom it would impose an outsider status. (You couldn’t enter the temple, but this would soon be destroyed, so Daniel would not be affected at that level). Also relevant is that nowhere do we read of Daniel’s marriage or offspring.

It is impossible to tell whether Daniel’s radically protesting Puer style character could have owed more to inborn traits or the psychological effects of castration (though it’s said unless castration occurs before adolescence there is no real alteration to the nature and direction of the sex drive); but in no time the Uranian, in-your-face type factor kicks in. Though Daniel  sits at the royal table, he does not wish “to defile himself” with the king’s (doubtless non-kosher) food and drink, so he appeals to Ashpenaz, the palace master of eunuchs to help him and his immediate Hebrew friends.

Many Christian conservatives are obsessively attached to the supposed superiority of the dated, often inaccurate King James bible; but it is believed at this point in the story the KJV is more accurate than newer versions with its “God brought Daniel into favour and tender love with the chief of eunuchs” (Dan 1:9). Ashpenaz is sympathetic but fears for his own head if Daniel should look worse for wear on a different diet; however he doesn’t interfere with his  guard or steward with specific care for Daniel who agrees to a test that Daniel and his friends, drawn into the challenge, must look as well or better after ten days for their vegetarian and teetotal regime. This test they manage to pass with flying colours and in consequence the steward arranges for them them to continue the whole of their royal training under the same conditions again with success which after three years the king recognizes.

It’s pretty clear what’s going on here. Handsome eunuch Daniel has taken the fancy of the eunuch/gay palace master, sympathetic to his style. Uranian tastes run to the original, different, revolutionary and futuristic, so the palace master is more willing than most would be to lend a sympathetic  ear to an attractive stirrer.

There is some parallel to the case of Jeremiah (who for all sorts of reasons we should assume was gay). When his prophecies bring him to imprisonment in a miry pit, it’s a kindly Ethiopian palace eunuch appeals to the king to secure his rescue. (As though to repay the deed centuries later, it is an Ethiopian eunuch through the intervention of the apostle Philip, becomes the first African Christian and noticeably, though not himself a eunuch, Philip is uniquely recorded as being raptured away from the eunuch’s sight (Acts 8:39)  – horizontally, not vertically like Elijah,  but my point is that “eunuchs” and rapture themes have a way of going together (and if Elijah wasn’t a eunuch, then his unusual lack of family and his running war with an aggressive woman, Jezebel, puts him somewhat within the Uranian frame).

Reverting to Ashpenaz,  the club, the gay grape vine exist and things happen. Favouring needn’t automatically imply it’s done for expected sexual returns. Looking back I could cite at least three cases where I have radically intervened in lives, pulling strings in a way that changed personal prospects, and for little more than that I had an idle fancy for or curiosity about the youth concerned. Of course such interference in fate happens outside gay society too and notoriously so in the casting couch as the #MeToo movement keeps reminding us, but it  has traditionally happened rather more within gay circles due to their being at society’s margins.

Involved in the case of Daniel is the rather spectacular point that – so far as I know – not even gay theology has stressed and developed, namely that God is seen as using and working through the Ashpenaz connection and its attraction. In which case, how much are you prepared to argue God disapproved and never intended the nature of such attraction?

Daniel survives his diet and worse (most famously the lion’s den – celestially the lion is the opposite sign to Uranus-ruled, skies and air associated Aquarius) and with suitable originality went on to describe, as no biblical figure had ever done before, the grand plan and course of the ages. He is shown into the far future and the finale of the little horn, the presumptuous prince, the Anti Messiah who becomes the Antichrist and Great Beast of John’s Revelation.


This youngest of the disciples who leaned on Jesus’ breast at the Last Supper has been portrayed in traditional Christian art as coy or feminine for doing so. Art’s “feminine” John tradition (the basis of Dan Brown’s crazy theory that Leonardo’s Last Supper John is really the Magdalene) perhaps began as art’s nod to the way that believers, male as well as female, are (almost queerly) rendered “brides” of Christ. This however can ignore the church is also a “male child” snatched/raptured to heaven (Rev 12:5) like Ganymede. However, historic John was not notably either bride or child but rather  Jesus’ “son of thunder”, bold enough to be at the cross unlike other disciples, and another of the “in your face” protesting types as I think we can detect from his writing.

If in line with tradition and Jung, who detected psychological connections between the Gospel and Revelation, you believe that John authored Revelation, then the “son of Thunder” certainly found his voice and his roar in the last book of the bible! As against much of the bible, Revelation is pictorial to the point of cinematic, and I would suspect that there are points in the text where its words simply attempt equivalence to something seen or felt rather than anything uttered for the author’s hearing.

Given how unlike Jesus’ voice-print and usual expression it is, one might question whether the Jesus of Revelation specifically said he will spit or vomit the Laodiceans from his mouth, as opposed to just indicating severe disapproval. The given words (Rev 3:16) sound more like a “son of Thunder” utterance!

In the same way, no matter what the mystery of the 144,000 of Israel symbolizes, it sounds more like John interpreting    something  than the reported angel speaking to him when  the Revelator is shown  a crowd of  men who it’s said  are virgins who haven’t “defiled themselves with women” (Rev 14:4). Though I will attempt an explanation near the conclusion here, at face value this is a rather impossible idea. It is in contradiction of such as the biblical statement the marriage bed is undefiled (Heb 13:4). So unless, improbably, orgiastic extremes were envisaged, the men couldn’t  automatically be defiled with women. But just like Daniel who doesn’t want to “defile himself” with royal foods, thundering John doesn’t want sex with women; he favours in-your-face attitudes from protesting persons with lives lived according to Uranian impulses favourable to separation and difference, persons who belong like Uranus more to heaven than earth. Even if, as is quite possible, the real meaning is  these men have not been spiritually defiled by the world/earth (often identified with the female principle), the choice of imagery making that point, still raises a few questions about the author.

The character, attitudes and eros of the Beloved Disciple is a subject in itself. I interrogate it in Part Two of Testament of the Magi, ( so there’s no call to enlarge on it here. But this much can be said. We do know a few things about John from extra-biblical sources which, whether they represent literal historical truth or more likely just reflect a general impression of him, are still in keeping with the rather Uranian profile proposed here, like for example the explosion against the heretic Cerenthinus in the bath house or the strange doting on a rather church-troubling nuisance of a youth at Smyrna as reported  in  Eusebius The Church History  sourced from Clement of Alexandria.


And then, in Revelation itself, surely one of the most futuristic, in-your-face testaments of all time, there is a strange, almost erotic but certainly esoteric moment when the Revelator sees the triumphant Christ returning to earth as the White Horse rider. His robe is evidently fluttering and raised by the speed of the horse, allowing the Revelator to glimpse the name “inscribed” (tattooed?) upon his thigh.

It happens that by tradition Jupiter is not just arbiter of truth, exponent of any doctrines or philosophies but also ruler of horses and in medical astrology ruler of the thighs, For someone like Jesus born under Jupiter, that planet’s bodily zone can quite appropriately declare the identity of the person, especially when it also amounts in itself to a doctrine of divinity: “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” (Rev 19:16). But to be realistic here, nothing quite alters that where we focus attention is a key to our mind and preferences. And in the final analysis, it cannot be said that the average straight male will usually direct focus on the thighs of other men.

However true and revealing John’s observation may be in itself, at this point there is still surely something homoerotic in the vision and uranian in the mention of it. But then there may be things one might need to be uranian to be able to see or know at all, which is perhaps why Isaiah controversially implicitly ranks the eunuch higher than those who have offspring (Is 56:5).



Isaiah may not rank the heteronormative as high as some conservative Christians, but almost nowadays it’s a commonplace among those who anticipate a “soon” Rapture,Tribulation, Antichrist and Millennial age under a returned Christ, the gay revolution, and its toleration , is itself regarded as a harbinger of the end. It’s all part of “as in the days of Noah, as in the day of Lot” (Luk 17:28). So in their view Sodom and Gomorrah necessarily returns. And disregarded amid this despite everything scholars remind them, is that the men who want Lot’s daughter, (not to say sex with angels!), are clearly bisexual, even satanistic rapists; but even at that, and no matter how irregular Sodom’s sex may have been, sex sin in not even cited by Ezekiel in his summary of the city’s evils (Ezek 16:49/50).

As there’s no smoke without fire, there is however no point denying that there can be an element of Sodom returned in, for example, the kind of exploitation of the under-aged in everything from prostitution to porn that the highly politicized gay establishment hasn’t help correct lest exposure harm the reputation of the larger community; and there has been a controversial hostility towards freedom of conscience and belief in the sometimes vindictive cases brought against Christian businesses by gay activists. And let’s not talk about problems like the behaviour of exhibitionists and those drag queens who interrupt Christian services and suggest a kind of demonic opposition a la Annie Christ.

But none of this is the whole or even the main story; and it is certainly not because any Antichrist is approaching that there are more gays in the world and we keep hearing things gay. Obviously gays are more visible and “come out” because there is no longer legal ban on their very existence and voice. But it’s more complex than that, and it belongs with what might seem to some the “mystery” that so many people are also turning vegan or that there is a move to renewable energy and that technology makes remarkable advances.

Quite simply, while on the one hand society is disintegrating  in ways consistent with the sign of the current era, Pisces, (and negatively so through such themes as drugs, addiction, fake news, confused mysticism and misplaced permissiveness to the point of decadence), as against this situation themes of the incoming Aquarian age also impinge. The general drive is thus increasingly towards Uranian individualism, self-perfection, a refusal of what seems earth-bound, which can even include consumption of meat. Increasingly the impulses are Uranian, upwards and aerial, a case of “there’s nowhere to go but up” a la Ganymede. But along with this, sex and relating themselves becomes more Uranian.  This means, means there will be more same sex attraction and less standardized gender roles – many Aquarians like Princess Stephanie of Monaco have always even looked more androgynous than the average person.

Unless as regards the terrible hypocrisy and corruption allowed to surround it, there are no “signs of the times” and here shouldn’t  even be extreme shock, in the revelations concerning the Vatican and its ubiquitous (supposedly 80%) homosexuality just revealed in Frederic Martel’s In the Closet of the Vatican. An  institution supposedly run on total celibacy is not going to attract too many red blooded heterosexuals and the chart of the Vatican shows gay relevant Uranus in the house of sex in easy trine to a hidden Mars (men) in the hidden twelfth; so that matter has always been pretty obvious and hardly news.

Quite what the new customs, values and laws and even understanding of love might be when the Aquarian age is finally, fully arrived we can’t yet know. It is however impossible that the gay/Uranian theme, which biblically and in many societies is only a hidden stream in previous ages, under a specifically Uranus-ruled age will not become more accepted and mainstream. The controversy around gays is a battle that conservative theology and attitudes will lose. Rather like insisting on the basis of the bible that the earth is flat, conservative insistence on the inherent evil of anything gay associated as already caused irreparable damage to individuals and churches in its failure to reach new understandings; but one reason it can and will hang on to its position in the immediate is because what I have been saying can be too easily dismissed as explanation through the supposedly verboten, or just foolish distorting lens of mere astrology. There is, it will be said, no behaviour and values modifying Aquarian age on the horizon, there is no such thing…….Really



It should be noted that in Revelation Jesus is pictured more than once as a Lion, the lion of the tribe of Judah. The ideal or lodestar of an era will always be in its opposite sign, which for Aquarius is Leo, the lion. In the currently ending era of Pisces, Jesus, born under Virgo, sign of bread and the wheatsheaf, is the bread come down from heaven, the ideal of many in the Piscean era. But more is involved than just this.

The Second Advent proper, which is the visible return of Christ to earth at the end of the Great Tribulation, (not any more hidden Rapture event which furnishes the opportunity to escape the Tribulation time), is plainly envisaged as an Aquarian/Uranian event. The symbol glyph of Aquarius is lightning and the Coming of the Son of Man is compared to the lightning which crosses the heavens (Matt 24:27). But this is still not the clincher.

During the Millennium, a vast temple is to be built. It is described in great length and technical detail by the prophet Ezekiel. In Ezek 41: 18-19 we learn of the interior: “And on all the walls all around in the inner room and the nave  there was a pattern. It was formed of cherubim and palm trees, a palm tree between cherub and cherub. Each cherub had two faces: a human face turned towards the palm tree on the one side and the face of a young lion turned towards the palm tree on the other side.

There are echoes here of Ezekiel’s introductory vision of the divine chariot with the four living creatures with their faces, one of a human, to the right the face of a lion, to the left the face of an ox and then an eagle. These are clearly the four elements (air, fire, earth and water respectively) and also their signs Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio, the latter anciently often represented by an eagle rather than a scorpion. Whereas however Ezekiel’s initial and initiatory vision is on the level of all that’s permanent in existence, the millennial temple keeps to the symbolism of the age: the axis polarity sign  of the human but would-be angelic/cherubic Aquarius is with the more divine, messianic lion.


I will now have a speculative go at interpreting the almost impossibly strange statement from John the Revelator about the 144000 Virgin Israelite males who have not “defiled” themselves with women. As I’ve said, this is not even a regular biblical idea – it sounds almost more like a gay one than anything. It does so even though it can be conceded many men do feel a little compromised in their being by women to the extent woman is “earth”, the Dionysian swamp of nature so vividly described by anti-feminist feminist Camille Paglia who is sympathetic to those men, often gay, whose masculine protest against the female principle has functioned as a motor to much civilisation.  On the religious plain, however, I think immediately of the gay poet, Auden, who was pretty self-indulgent around men, yet felt he had sinned against God when he went to bed with a woman. It wasn’t natural to him to do it.

Whatever else the 144,000 are and mean,  when they are first referenced in Rev 7 they are to be ‘sealed” (protected?) before Tribulation plagues can manifest, so they stand at the midpoint of something – specifically the ages or aions. It would be symbolically fitting if the dying age of Pisces, “ruled” by Neptune which is about mysteries, the hidden and disappeared, ended with the disappearance of the Rapture  and   “Behold I show you a mystery” writes St Paul in connection to that subject. It would  also fit if, by contrast, the new age of Aquarius were birthed at the return like lightning across the skies of Christ’s return to Jerusalem. But whatever one envisages or believes, in-between an end and a new beginning John seems to assume an interval between the two ages, an interval taken up with the marriage in heaven and the Tribulation on earth. The 144.000 could thus be seen as marking a crucial transition point, a  point of rest, reversal and a taking breath rather like the half hour of silence in heaven at the beginning of Rev 8 which follows the first reference to the 144,000 in the previous chapter.

To appreciate the meaning one  also has to consider how Revelation  presents its extreme subject matter.  It describes in the only way anyone would be able to millennia in advance,  what sounds like and could be a description of a super-destructive global conflict, a WW111. It describes these effects as though direct judgements God, a sort of Jove’s thunderbolts rather than what God permits, though biblically “the wrath of God”, like damnation is really always the absence of God. Mindful of just this kind of active/passive reversal, on the same basis, if we were conveying the same vision today, we might as  easily speak of the 144,000 women who had not defiled themselves with men. It could well amount to the same thing as men not defiling themselves with women, if it reflected those concerned  were are all essentially Uranian and  they had not, like Auden, done what was unnatural to themselves.

I don’t wish to suggest my speculation unlocks the only possible meaning of the very real mystery of the 144,000, but it would make a degree of symbolic sense that, at what is effectively the brief interval or midpoint of two ages during which a marriage is celebrated and one which itself queerly renders both sexes involved a “bride of Christ”, there should be a still point. At this point and with and through some persons or principle can occur the  reversal of energies towards the new age which releases a new eros with a fresh sense of what’s  natural and will unite people. The 144,000 who sing “a new song” ( Rev 14:3) can represent the new force of  reversal.


To  admit the archetypal and symbolic to the subject of revealed apocalypse is liable to place a more perennial, eternal “now” upon the more future orientated “soon” of prophecy. The big question of our times is nonetheless whether the two perspectives are drawing ever closer together towards a more literal crisis and fulfilment. What about the uptick of quakes and volcanoes, the radical climate changes, the fact that according to a centuries old prophecy the current pope is the last, that prominent Jewish rabbis expect the third temple will soon be built, that their Messiah will soon arrive (even this year) and even a red heifer necessary for dedicating the new temple has been born?

In some articles on this site and also McCleary’s Additions, I have tried to keep up with developing ideas and possibly significant events in this area. These are not trivial questions, certainly they are more serious than the irreverent trivializations of the subject into which the people of Philadelphia have been caught.





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[The imagined setting of this poem is obviously England, the setting of Matthew Arnold’s original Dover Beach, but the symbolic range and topical application is wider]


The grey whale changes hemisphere to go
Like Jonah’s fish towards the coast of Joppa.[1]
But otherwise and elsewhere pods have beached
And dolphins died in struggle with the nets
While fish by shoals and millions wash ashore
The brine no cover to their stench of death.

These are the signs symbolic of an era’s end.

The last degree, the anaretic, gains in power
Two fish so long opposed now drift apart [2]
They lose their will, they know their time is short
The current sees them fall away, the surge
Rolls higher with each speeding year.
No Trojan horse will now make cities fall
Lies as of the luring Lorelei suffice
The sense of boundary and of barrier is lost
There’s only flood gates open to the land
Pollution, dissolution rush to drown.
As out at sea the storm clouds lower.

Meanwhile that roar of faith’s recession
First sounding on the pebbled shore [3]
Now beats amid the traffic’s hum
On main streets of the sceptics’ citadels.
There commerce wrestles with decay
And, bold against the sullen skies
Like tinsel that’s been thrown about,
Life glimmers still from out new towers
Refurbished terraces and op art shops
Down streets on which for all to see,
The chapel closed serves as an eaterie,
The church abandoned is a mosque.
The road hosts urban theatre every week
A drunken dance of death, all stupor,
Screams and vomiting, souls staggering
On pavements round the gutter’s edge,
Abandoned joy’s first port of call
Before the beds of mindless sex for those
In skirts, not yet teetotal in niqab. [4]

You should change your life. [5]

Themselves as stupefied and blurred
By toxic rivers of corroding thought,
Beyond the street on college lawn
The student staggers back and forth
Weighed down by theory of the cynic kind
And extreme doubt,[6] voicing a
Vulgar insolence and easy blasphemies.
No natural piety towards the past
Nor any learned belief remains;
Lives pass not sacred but from
First breath to the last profane….
“Believers begone or keep
Your practice private. Religion’s death.
Thank small g God to be so rid of it.
Would you offer prayer’s false hope
Or trouble minds with carolling?
All faith is mad. Consider circumcision;
That’s assault. Would you abuse an unfree child?
Will you defend the fascist state of Jews?”

Despite convictions built on shifting sands
Of randomness in nature, for science and
The goddess Reason’s world all’s
Theorem-clear, all’s geometric light.
It can’t allow design, cannot permit
That God or shape might work within.
For stumblers in the agnostic night
Deity must be nowhere now unless
Outside; and currently God’s somewhere
Dead. And death itself’s not much, an incident,
Or else, like life, “get over it”.

You should change your thought.

But purblind and disloyal now
To all inheritance they are
Their guilt and generous deeds misplaced.
Directionless they’ve travelled far
The C.E, all-inclusive world [7]
So ardent for neutrality
And near fanatic for equality
They’re noisy to protect most faith,
Except the known, assured in vain
It’s education holds the key
And trump card’s power to
What’s the privately intended aim
A secular enlightenment.
And thus they scarcely take offence while
Foolish laws and judges worse
Who hesitate to fine a thief
Decide will Christians wear a cross
Or speak of credo or of prayer at work.
All’s relative, except for that.

Meanwhile in near conformity
Led by non leaders at the helm
Declining churches wrangle on
By day and night on women’s rights
And could gay couples walk the aisle [8]
Uncaring or else unaware.
Too many Christians have been slain
Confined, restrained, or lost
All rights to worship and to normal life.

Say something! But you know you can’t.
Weak as a palsied patient, go limping on
Lukewarm as Laodicea and worse.

Preach! But you do not have the words
Unless it’s “love”, by which you mean but
Universal toleration, each soul the same.

Cowards and hypocrites of false Enlightenment
Defenders of all rights except what’s most essential
You did not choose or just forgot, or maybe feared,
To speak of any matter lest the guests complain
And call mere mention of an obvious truth, “discrimination”.

Nigeria and Somalia,
Sudan and Indonesia,
Afghanistan and Pakistan,
Iran, Iraq and Syria
Guinea, Mali, Kazakhstan
Egypt and Eritrea land so dark [9]
The finger points though you don’t see
You will not hear, will not report
Or else turn evidence conveniently
To nothing but a tribal war
Or race or stresses of economy.
You live within a Dar al Harb. [10] You’re
Drifted nearer to extremes of war.
You’ll disappear with those you scorned,
Ignored and almost always failed to aid.
And so submit. It’s all that you have left to do
You have no will or choice but to
Absorb, assimilate and accept
Until your sinking boat goes lost
Within the fogs to which you steered.

Religion knows no vacuum
Nor end of tides, its nature
Is it will return to fill the empty
Rock pools of the secular sands;
And as the mad philosopher declared [11]
All faiths are cruel, but if that’s so,
Or seems, it is because like hornets
Who pursue the waves, it’s devils chase,
Pursue and ride each spiritual tide.
Learn to discern it and discriminate!

But you, for whom God seems but absent
Or responsible for every evil in the world
Or not restraining it at every turn,
Perceive the “wrath” of God aright:
It’s God withdrawn, protection’s end
For all that now and here below
God does not own. [12] You would not learn
Or hear, or in the right ways fear,
(Your pride and aspiration hurt)
That Evil rules the freewill world
And now, by your own selves invoked,
Its weight of darkness blots the sky.
Seas rise, storms rage, floods overwhelm
Tsunamis hurtle to the shore
And like the fleeing refugee you sink,
Bewildered victim to a ruthless fate.
The magian heralds of the era’s span
(Unless themselves obliged to flee
New forms of arrogance and power),
Do not return declaring what will be.

The next age dawn shines distantly,
More promise than for you true hope.
Before the glimmer will become sun blaze
Before the gleam turns morning’s light,
With lightning that divides the skies [13]
Much will dissolve, too much occur.

You must change your life.

(Rollan McCleary. Copyright 2013. This poem with others published on this blog will be included in New Poems and Two Celtic Plays which should be available on Amazon before Christmas).


1. The grey whale is native to the Pacific, not the Mediterranean. Its appearance off Israel in May 2010 occasioned much surprise. The book of Jonah is usually taken as allegorical but that a more literal reading was intended can be supported to the extent God is described as having specially “appointed” or “chosen” a whale (Joh 1:17) so that the exceptional is positively envisaged. Some have asked was the whale which appeared outside Tel Aviv (ancient Joppa from which Jonah sailed) likewise “appointed”.

2. The last or 29th degree of a sign is called anaretic. It is insatiable exaggerating features of the outgoing sign as a candle flame is strong at last burst. The “opposed” fish are the east/west facing fish of the sign of Pisces. 29 Pisces is deemed one of the worst on the zodiac with implications for murder, suicide, drowning, poisoning. An era’s end (they last approximately 2000 years) will have anaretic features (like the excess of violence and blood in even Roman entertainments at the end of Aries) so concluding Pisces has much to do with death by water but also Neptunian deceptions.

3. “Listen you hear the grating roar/Of pebbles which the waves draw back…”. Matthew Arnold, Dover Beach

4. The alcohol fuelled weekend behaviour of England’s bachelorette girls is notorious. It is suggested these celebrants mighty one day be either forced, or just like the White Widow by way of reaction, succumb to some opposite extreme in terms of modesty and abstinence.

5. Du musst dein Leben andern (You must change your life) Rilke, Archaic Torso of Apollo,in Sonnets to Orpheus

6. Not classical Greek cynicism but more like what critic Harold Bloom dubs “The New Cynicism” he sees represented by various intellectual and academic trends like post-structuralism, deconstructionism etc which incline to negation of individualism, of ethics and most things in a way to dissolve common perception towards a paralysing relativity.

7. C.E. Current Era, rather than A.D.

8. It’s not that concern with women’s or gay rights is illegitimate, only that the attention given is disproportionate to that accorded other issues, the hardships, persecutions, dire sentencing of Christians – recently in the supposedly liberalized Iran of Rowhani to 80 lashes for just drinking communion wine – in societies from Egypt to Pakistan. In the latter nation Christians can be lifelong bullied by vigilantes even if law courts absolve them of blasphemy charges under a law that encourages every corruption. (Recently a Pakistani journalist was threatened with death for even reporting the plight of Christians).The many abuses are so little advertised the multicultural “tolerance” of Britain’s BBC hands leadership of religious broadcasting of a traditionally Christian society into the hands of a Pakistani Muslim no more vocal about his country’s wrongs than Baroness Warsi, Britain’s Pakistani minister for Communities and Faith who reasonably avers Europe should be more confident in its Christianity while not acknowledging Christians in Pakistan have no chance to be the same. This poem was written in October during which on the 21st Muslim radicals invaded the Syrian Christian towns of Saddad and Haffar, holding 3000 hostage for a week using many children as human shields. 14 churches were attacked, schools, businesses and homes looted and wrecked, the hospital destroyed. 2500 people fled. Subsequently between 45 and 70 dead bodies, many children, have been found. The incident like many similar outrages against Christians globally, (not just in Muslim countries), scarcely reached western media. It’s an inconvenient truth. A church leader in Saddad said….”We cried out to the world and no one heard us. Where is the Christian conscience?”. Where indeed? Number one offender against “Christian conscience” is President Obama, who has not only supported the Muslim Brotherhood guilty of so many murders of Egyptian Copts but whom it took endless petitioning and over 1 million signatures to even raise the issue of injustices done to American citizen, Pastor Saheed in Iran. Obama’s real politik has only ever been vocal to condemn soldiers in Afghanistan talking Christianity – in a country which reckons to execute any convert, a situation so grave for basic liberties it would have justified the West never supporting Afghanistan for anything. But for the “Christian” Obama the call of the muezzin to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world. A poet would need the satirical gifts of a Juvenal to evoke the elements of vacillation, contradiction, and weakness that characterize this president.

9. Eritrea is not an Islamic society but its human rights record and extreme inhumanity, not least towards many Christians, is scarcely better than that of atheist North Korea, the world’s leading rights abuser. Its leader is Eritrean Orthodox, a fact which joins with my critical position regarding Orthodoxy more generally (see Icon World – July blog) whose social and political policies have been consistently such for centuries it can only sometimes merit the name of Christian at all.

10. Dar Al Harb. All non Muslim territories and even Muslim territories where Sharia is not strictly imposed are defined – by at any rate fundamentalists – as the place of war/chaos as opposed to the Dar al Islam, where peace naturally reigns because the system has imposed rightful submission (Islam). Non Muslim territory is a chaos either by its own nature or it may become so through the struggle to impose Islam fully.

11. Nietzsche.

12. The original Christian view progressively obscured or denied by religious philosophy which preferred the image of a wholly omnipotent God was that the world was cursed and owned by evil. The question of God and evil is considered in my Cosmic Father 2008

13. The coming of the Utopian Aquarian age either will or will not be the Millennium. But it is not just a sunburst; it should enter suddenly, surprisingly as per the sign’s glyph, the lightning flash.


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